UDP Town Council ‘09- ‘12 sworn in

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 19, No. 11            March 19, 2009

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The newly sworn in Town Council

Nesto Gomez, Deputy Mayor

Last Saturday, the San Pedro Town Council officiated the Swearing In Ceremonies for their newly instated council members. Supported by Honorable Manuel Heredia Jr., Area Representative for Belize Rural South, Mayor-elect Elsa Paz, Councilors-elect Romel Gomez, Pablo Ico, Joseph Elijio, Severo Guerrero, Justinano Guerrero and Juan Alamilla took their rightful place on the stage. Town Administrator Patricia Tillett officiated the ceremonies.

    After the ceremonies were concluded on March 14th, it was back to business for the three-term Mayor Paz. First on the agenda was the distribution of portfolios. Below find the list of portfolios and the members who are responsible for each:


    Finance: *To supervise and control all financial matters of the Council *To supervise and control all tax collection and make changes where necessary *Be responsible for the overall operation of the Council and maintain the Council members informed of the financial status of the Town with the assistance of the Town Administrator and Accountant.

    Economic Development: *To attract new investments and development in order to provide more jobs and growth within the community *Chair the Trade Licensing Board *Be responsible for small business initiative *Regulate and control street vendors *Create, coordinate and liaison with Women Organizations *Be a member of the Liquor Licensing Board.

    Special Events: *To establish a committee for planning of special events *Be responsible to report to the Council members the preparations of these events and request their participation *Plan and coordinate these events with the assistance of the committee, Personal Assistant and Town Administrator, not exceeding the budget allocated for the pertaining event *Liaison with committees established with the various cultures *Prepare proposals and establish the promotion of diverse cultures within the community *Develop educational tools on the knowledge of several cultures *Participate and represent the Council in all cultural events.

    Foreign Relations: *Coordinate and establish Sister City Relationships *Represent the Council along with the Mayor at events to establish foreign relation *Assist in hosting delegates from other Countries on their visits to San Pedro *Establish contacts in Embassies in order to lobby for grants.

NESTO GOMEZ, Deputy Mayor

    Environment: *Analyze and recommend Dredging Permits *Assist in the Community Beautification & Upkeep Portfolio *Analyze and recommend Pier Permits *Monitor and prepare proposals for the Municipal Pier and the environmental impact of the same *Establish work relationship with the Ministry of the Environment and prepare proposals for amendments and improvements.

    Community Education: *Establish working relationship with all primary level schools *Create and liaison with committees involved in education *Organize the yearly school competitions *Represent the Council when required in any school activity.


    Community beautification and upkeep: *To improve and conduct the operations of street and beach cleaning *To coordinate landscaping and beautification of streets, parks, cemetery, and recreational areas *To coordinate work-a-ton with schools and NGOs *To create proposals for improvement in the upkeep and beautification of the island *Supervise the location of garbage bins on the various streets *Serve as advisor for the repairs of vehicles *Coordinate with Foreman special duties for vehicles.

    Town Zoning and Planning: *Be a member of the Ambergris Caye Local Building Authority Committee *Revise and Update the Master Plan *Responsible for the naming, numbering and lighting of streets *Study, improve and supervise the efficient running of the Fire Services.

    Revenue Collection: *Keep up to date with the arrears in taxes and other revenue sources of the Council *Develop proposals and methods of improved revenue collection *Coordinate with Administrator plans of action for the improvement in revenue collection.


    Public Utilities: *Be a member of the Utilities Coordination Unit *Ensure the public utility services are provided in the populated sectors of the island *Ensure the lighting of Dark Areas by coordinating petitions etc. and addressing the issue with the Ministry of Public Utility and Ministry of Finance.

    Sanitation and solid waste: *To establish improvements in garbage collection *To prepare proposals and feasibility studies for the expansion of sewer services *Establish work relationship with Health Department and coordinate activities with the same.


    Public Relations: *Market the Council locally *Ensure participation in all public events *Provide ideas in promoting the Council’s achievements *Research and prepare proposals for the improvement of service to the community *Research on seminars or presenters that can offer workshops for the improvement in public relations *Establish modes to educate the community of the role and responsibilities of the Council within the community.

    Public security and safety: *Be a member of the Safety Committee *Assist in the Curfew and Special Constable Program *Be involved with Neighborhood Watch Committees *To coordinate work-a-ton with schools and NGOs *Launch clean-up campaigns.


    Civic and Infrastructural Development: *Study and recommend the establishment of new recreational areas, parks and cemetery *Create proposals for new roads, bridges, drains, public buildings and schools *Establish relationships with organizations that provide grants for infrastructural developments *Establish relationship with the Ministry of Works *Be a member of the Trade Licensing Board.

    Traffic: *Be a member of the Ambergris Caye Traffic Control Committee *Prepare proposals for amendments in the control of traffic, street closures etc. *Supervise Public Road Injury and report in order for repairs to be made *Survey the opening of new roads and streets *Supervise the placement of traffic signs *Present proposal for amendments in the pertaining Act and follow up on such amendments.

PABLO ICO, Councilor

    Tourism: *Coordinate all aspects of the Council pertaining to Tourism *Present proposals for improvement of the Ambergris Caye Tourist Information Center *Create, coordinate and liaison with all tourism groups *Represent the Council, when necessary, at Belize Tourism Board or Belize Tourism Industry Association events.

    Sports: *Coordinate all sporting events *Create a committee for sports *Work with all senior sports teams *Facilitate the coordination of the use of the sporting facilities *Create and liaison with committees involved with youths *Prepare proposal for the increase in youth activities *Establish youth support groups.

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