San Pedro businessman arrested

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 19, No. 12            March 26, 2009

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James Jensen was remanded to Hattieville until his court hearing on April 24th.

People come from around the world to live in Belize and adopt San Pedro as home, and in our close-knit community we often grow to know each other. It is certainly not the first time San Pedro has innocently harbored ill-intentioned people but just the same it is always surprising to learn that one of our own is not who we thought they were. Such is the case when on Monday morning San Pedro police arrested 56 year old local business man and Canadian National James Jensen for theft and obtaining property by deception.

    According to police, a pair of investors from the United States, through their attorney Godfrey Smith, filed a report at the police station in Belize City, where they claimed that Jensen had taken some $50,000US towards a property investment in Punta Gorda. The American couple claims that they became concerned when Jensen could not provide them with the property documentation. The investors claim that Jensen led them to believe that although the property had been purchased, he was still awaiting documentation from the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment in Belmopan.

    After some time Jensen still could not provide the documentation nor could he account for the money. Further investigation revealed that the property had been purchased by someone else. The couple further claims that Jensen avoided them and failed to provide satisfactory information regarding their monies. As a result, last week the police department issued a warrant for the arrest of James Jensen. It was not until Monday morning that Jensen was apprehended as he was driving down Barrier Reef Drive. Jensen was subsequently arrested and charged for the crime of theft and obtaining property by deception. When he appeared in court on Monday at approximately 4:45 p.m., Jensen was read charges, but because the case is an indictable case, no plea was taken, hence he was remanded to Hattieville Prison until his next court hearing which is scheduled for April 24th.

    Public records in the US show that Jensen was found guilty and convicted of Theft by Swindle (obtaining property by deception) in 2006 and further investigation reveals that Jensen has a long record of legal infractions in the US, where he was living illegally for several years.
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