San Pedro responds to the call for help

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 19, No. 12            March 26, 2009

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Volunteers and food donations arrived at the Den. Close to $8,000 was raised on Sunday.

22 units of blood were donated to assist Annie Rivero.

Two San Pedro Town residents were in need of assistance; the island heard their call and came out in full support. Gonzalo “Reds” Lara was in need of financial assistance after he and his family lost everything in a blaze that consumed two wooden structures completely. While Annie Rivero, critically ill, was in need of blood donations.

    On March 16th, Reds’ family homes were totally lost in a fire that ravaged everything. On Wednesday, the San Pedro Lions Club held a tele-radiothon to raise much needed funds. Garnered through the kind donations of the island residents and some visitors, that day was productive with close to $42,000 raised. On Sunday, two local bands offered their free music while the San Pedro distributors’ staff brought in the beer and sodas and handles the bar. All proceeds of those sales went to the family. Combined with the food and dessert sale, the day’s earned the family close to $8,000. Through the kind donations of food, desserts, drinks and money, it is the hopes of the San Pedro Lions Club that the money will be used to build a two story concrete structure which will be the venue for much Lara family memories.

    The second person who benefitted from the community’s generosity was Annie Rivero, wife of Julian Rivero, owners of CSM2000, has fallen critically ill and was in serious need of blood. A blood drive was held on Monday, March 23rd at the Fairdale Plaza were many turned out to help Annie build up her blood “credits”. All blood types were accepted, these will go to the blood bank and Annie received the blood she desperately needed.

    The Belize Blood Bank was on the island were their goal was to collect at least 12 units of blood. However, the day garnered 22 units of blood today. Assisting for the day was Nurse Natalie Palen who commented, “Very well done, everyone involved. Amazing how much can be achieved when everyone contributes, even in a small way, to pull a really big thing (saving lives) together.”
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