Joe Clair visits Belize

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 19, No. 14            April 9, 2009

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Clair met with Minister of Tourism, Manuel Heredia Jr.

He also visited Coconut’s...

...and Hidden Treasure plus Jaguar’s Temple Night Club (not pictured).

If the name Joe Clair rings a bell it could be because he hosted Rap City on Black Entertainment Television (BET) for about six years and then hosted Mad Sports for about four years. Clair, the TV host, comedian, and sometimes rapper is now working on his own television show and he recorded the first episode right here in Belize. Clair spoke to The San Pedro Sun at Ramon’s Village in San Pedro Town on Friday, April 3rd.

        Clair explained that after the new Film Commissioner Nigel Miguel took office, he (Miguel) extended an invitation to visit Belize. “The new film commissioner invited me to come to Belize. Filming the culture in Belize, I think is a good experience that the millions of viewers, especially the African Americans our show targets, will enjoy,” commented Clair, adding that, “the show will give Belize a good exposure and I know this episode will bring awareness about the unique culture Belize has to offer.” During his visit to San Pedro Town, Clair met with the Minister of Tourism, Civil Aviation and Culture, Honorable Manuel Heredia. Heredia commented that, “it is just one of the many efforts by the government that has paid off. It is an important event that Belize will surely take advantage off.” 

        The San Pedro Sun was given access to Clair’s entire filming on the Island where it started with a meeting at Ramon’s with the Honorable Heredia. Next Clair visited Coconut’s Beach Resort where he got a taste of the night life in San Pedro Town and later he moved on for dinner at Hidden Treasures with the proprietors, Ruben and Elvi Nuñez. Following a fantastic meal, Clair was taken via cab to Jaguars where he interacted with the crowd and experienced the party atmosphere on La Isla Bonita. On Saturday morning Clair was at Portofino where he taped a sunrise breakfast. During his stay in San Pedro Town, The San Pedro Sun’s Kainie Manuel served as Clair’s guide. The luxurious La Perla del Caribe offered its hospitality for the night, while Portofino delighted him with a scrumptious breakfast. Before leaving the island, Clair also filmed a segment of his show at Maya Island Air before boarding his flight to Dangriga.

        Before leaving the Island, Clair confessed that one of the best dishes he had in Belize was Chirmole but stated that Belize has offered him one of the best culinary experiences of his life. Clair toured the entire country during his stay in Belize. The post production will also be done in Belize but the air date has not been finalized.
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