Blue Water Grill: Three-peat Softball Champs

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 19, No. 16            April 23, 2009

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The Champs from Blue Water Grill!

Second Place winners, D's Pharmacy.


Aim some more!

Since the inception of the Interoffice Softball Competition, Blue Water Grill has had the honor to showcase their trophy year after year after year. For the third consecutive year, champs of the 2009 Softball Competition are the Blue Water Grill members. The sun fired down its most powerful rays, sweat poured down players backs, but they continued with great sportsmanship and wonderful plays.

    The four teams battled it out for softball supremacy but the first order of the day was figuring out which teams with enter the Championship round. The first game was between Blue Water Grill and the San Pedro High School and this one ended with a 22-6 final score. Second up on the field were Dís Pharmacy versus the Unknowns. The Unknowns remained unknown as they were taken out of the competition when Dís Pharmacy blew them out of the field with a 10-1 score.

    One game in the scorching heat took its toll on many players and Dís Pharmacy had 30 minutes to recover. The monster battle came up and Blue Water Grill came ready and hungry for blood. Dís Pharmacy scored their first two points as their players made it to home plate. This soon changed when Blue Water Grill, who seemed to have been playing with their food, started to munch. Bite after bite, Dís Pharmacy came stumbling to the ground. A last ditch effort was made by Dís as yet another of their players made it to the home mound. Three points were not enough as Blue Water Grill made sure the score board remained at three. Out after out, Blue Water Grillís fielders kept catching each ball hit by the Dís batters. A full meal was had by the Blue Water players ending it in an 11-3 score.

    With three years of practice, the Blue Water Grill team will defend its title next year. But, will there be a team good enough to take down the mighty 3-peat contenders? Players start getting ready and see you for the 2010 Interoffice Softball Championship.
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