Cristian Castro to headline Costa Maya

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 19, No. 17            April 30, 2009

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Cristian Sáenz Castro

The International Costa Maya Festival has been slated for August 6th – 9th. Much buzz has already started to circulate and people have started anticipating the grand event. Questions rising include, “who will be the headliner for this year?” Well, news coming out of the Costa Maya meeting is that Cristian Castro will be the International Star crooning Saturday night.

        Cristian Castro, born to Veronica Castro and Manuel “Loco” Valdes, has garnered international recognition with his melodic voice. From a young age, he began following in his mother’s footsteps and started belting out some tunes. At the tender age of five, Cristian performed in a TV show called “El Derecho De Nacer”. At age seven, young Cristian made his own kid’s band (Cristian y los Gallitos) and debuted at a popular Mexican show known as Siempre en Domingo with El Gallito Feliz!

        Castro began his singing career in 1992 with the release of Agua Nueva. After participating in various telenovelas and recording some albums as a teenager, Castro began his “internationalization” in 1993, starting with concerts in Puerto Rico. Castro dedicated a song to that country in his second album, Un Segundo En El Tiempo, titled “Puerto Rico” as a way of thanking the Puerto Rican public for supporting his career. He also modified his singing voice from the deep voice he employed in Agua Nueva to a softer one that he currently uses. His song, Nunca Voy A Olvidarte (I Will Never Forget You), launched his career. Castro became an international teen idol and sex symbol almost instantly after he began touring, and he began what has been a fructiferous international singing career.

        Cristian has also done voiceover theme songs for telenovelas such as La Mujer De Madera (The Woman of Wood), Angela, and Morelia. In 1994, Cristian released “El Camino Del Alma”. The album hit, Mañana, meaning Tomorrow, a song composed by Mexican singer, Juan Gabriel which was titled, Mañana, Mañana. In 1995, he released the single Morelia for the novela of the same name. He also released a stand-alone single, Vuelveme a Querer which hit #2 on the Hot Latin Tracks. In 1996, Cristian released El Deseo De Oir Tu Voz (The Wish To Hear Your Voice) which featured hits such as Morelia, Amor, Amarte a Ti, and the title track.

        In June 26th, 2007, Castro released his first mariachi album, El Indomable, which was produced by Vicente Fernandez, and released the single from the album, “Tu Retirada.” A new album, “El culpable soy yo”, was released April 28th, 2009.

        As the months near, more information will be released and excitement will mount. What will this year’s festival bring? Who will wear the crown on Thursday night? Which comic will make us bust at the seams with laughter?
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