Celebrating the Lobster: Lobster Fest 2009

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 19, No. 24            June 25, 2009

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Sunset Grill’s Lobster Santa Fe was exceptionally fabulous and incorporated other meats such as Italian Sausage to make it spicy and fantastic. Lobster Santa Fe was enjoyed by many and once the dish was gone, others lamented not having gotten to Sunset Grill’s booth earlier.

The crowd mingling at Elvi's Booth was a sign that the People's Choice would be clear!!

Elvis Kitchen representatives collected their prize for having the Best Entrée of the night – Lobster Curry was a hit and had everyone licking their plates hoping for more.

A smiling Lobster Man at Red Ginger invited everyone to relax and enjoy some yummy lobster concoctions.

Holy Cross had a Vegas Night themed booth, complete with a roulette table, drinks and shots.

Pedro’s Pizza had everyone enjoying cheesy lobster pizza. And of course the boys were just as fun as ever!

Even a Food Network Star (Mary Alice Yeskey of Ace of Cakes) got to enjoy some lobster for this year!

Hundreds turned out for what was the 2009 Lobsterfest Block Party – a huge success measured by the countless delectable dishes, full tummies, drinks galore and music to no end. Lobsterfest 2009, one that will go down in history as colorful, delicious and just plain great! The pictures below are just a taste of what was in store, but the question is, what will 2010 have in store for us?

For those curious as to which booth won what, below are the results!
Best Lobster Entrée - Elvi’s Kitchen
Best Lobster Appetizer – Sunset Grill
Best Cocktail – Black Orchid Spa
Best Booth – Rojo Lounge
People’s Choice (most visited booth) Elvi’s Kitchen & Red Ginger.

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