Jasmine Rodriguez: Señorita Comunidad Salvadoreña

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 19, No. 28            July 23, 2009

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Jasmine Rodriguez.

All contestants alongside Jasmine.

The Salvadoran community in San Pedro Town is one of the most active Spanish speaking Central American groups on the island. This year will mark the second year that the Salvadoran community prepares for activities to commemorate their Independence. One event leading up to the September 15th Independence Day Celebration was the selection of a queen, “La Señorita Comunidad Salvadoreña.” On Saturday, for the first time the Salvadoran Community selected a queen to represent them.

    The selection of the queen was done by means of a popularity contest; each vote was equivalent to one cent. The more money you collect, the more chances a delegate had of getting the coveted crown. This year, nine beautiful young girls threw in their caps into the contest representing different business on the island. The contestants included Jasmin Rodriguez representing The Beauty Club, Fatima Pereira representing Maleah’s Company, Amanda Ack representing Sarai’s Boutique, Nancy Hob representing Hollywood Realty and My Secret Deli, Monica Muñoz representing Captain Morgan’s Resort and Milo’s Center, Yanira Lara representing Costa Maya Reef Resort, Jessica Flores representing Reef Village, Seleni Perez representing Coastal Express and Emeli Cerpa representing Sun Dancer Boutique.

    The event took place at the Angel Nuñez Auditorium before a modest crowd. After introducing themselves, all nine participants got the opportunity to meet most of the people in an effort to collect the most money. Each participant was also given the opportunity to install a fundraiser booth were some sold food while other had games and raffles. As part of the event the San Pedro Dance Company and Rope Raja entertained the crowd. After a long night, Jasmin Rodriguez was crowed as the first ever Señorita Communidad Salvadoreña after she secured 223,255 votes. Jessica Flores captured second place with 174,036 votes while Monica Muñoz came in third with 172,485 votes. All monies raised will be used to aid people with needs in San Pedro Town.

    Congratulations to Jessica for being the first Señorita Communidad Salvadoreña.

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