Grupo Mexicano to form on La Isla Bonita

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 19, No. 31            August 13, 2009

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Ambassador HE Luis Manuel Lopez Moreno got to meet with Mexican island residents.

Ask many of the Spanish speaking people living in the northern part of Belize and they will tell you that they have family in the southern states of Mexico. That’s because during and after the Caste War, many Mexicans found refuge in Belize and started a new life. One community that has Mexican roots is San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. And because there is still some Mexican influence in San Pedro, there is a move to start a Mexican Community on the island.

    Last week Friday a delegation from the Mexican Embassy in Belize visited and consulted with several islanders on a number of issues. Organizer and Coordinator for the Mexican group Pedro Salazar Sr. stated that issues ranged from forming a Mexican Community to issues dealing with travelling to Mexico. “We discussed several issues including travelling procedures to Mexico, the possibility of opening a Consulate in San Pedro and organizing and forming a Mexican group on the island,” stated Salazar. Salazar said that because a lot of people from the island visit Mexico, it is time and cost consuming to travel to and from Belmopan to make travelling arrangements at the Embassy. In addition, Salazar stated that organizing and forming a community in San Pedro would facilitate the Embassy’s work and ties to the island.

    Present for the meeting was Mexican Ambassador to Belize His Excellency Luis Manuel Lopez Moreno. In an interview, Lopez Moreno called the meeting a success. “This meeting is the first of a number of consultations and I think it was successful,” stated Lopez Moreno. He stated that, “we informed the group of the new travelling policies for Belizeans wishing to travel to Mexico; we also decided that we need to come up with a list of Belizean-Mexicans on the island so that we can move on from there.” According to Lopez Moreno, the group expressed wanting to form a Mexican Community in San Pedro Town and stated that, “we will be happy to help the group in organizing themselves.”

    When asked about the possibility of having an Honorary Consul on the island, Lopez Moreno stated that, “ It was one of the things that was discussed in the meeting, and we are willing to look at the possibility of having someone serve as a Honorary Consul on the island.” According to both Salazar and Lopez Moreno, another meeting will be organized in the near future to look at the advances made. Some 25 people attended the meeting which took place at the San Pedro Lion Den.
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