Allan Lima wins SPSun Costa Maya Giveaway!

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 19, No. 31            August 13, 2009

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Allan Lima accepts his framed memento.

A  San Pedro Sun Costa Maya tradition continued this year and Allan Lima was the winner of the top prize. The community was asked to take a good look at the eight gorgeous delegates and determine who they thought would walk away with the crown. As advertised, callers were given the opportunity to call in and cast their votes or they could go online to San Pedro Sun’s websites and leave their comments.

    After the pageant and once Miss Nicaragua Maritza Rivas was crowned Reina de la Costa Maya, those who had voted for Miss Nicaragua would have then been raffled and a lucky winner would have been chosen. However, only one person voted for Miss Nicaragua and that was Allan Lima, instant prize winner.

    Allan got to meet Miss Costa Maya 2009 in person, and had his photograph taken with her. The photograph was then autographed and framed, making it a memorable keepsake for Allan.

    The San Pedro Sun takes this opportunity to thank all participants of this year’s contest. Be sure to look out for the contest next year. Congratulations Allan!
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