SP Lions Celebrate 34th Anniversary

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 19, No. 41            October 29, 2009

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Slicing into the celebratory cake were Lions Graniel, President Paz, Miss Lions Alexis and Lion Salazar Sr.

12 new inductees.

Marina Graniel Kay helps pin the new Lions.

Lion Ali Kisling also received an award for his continuous dedication to Lionism in Belize.

Having been chartered on October 25th, 1975, the San Pedro Lions Club celebrated their 34th birthday on Saturday with a blast. Long standing Lion members joined visiting Lions, the newly installed members and invited guest to celebrate one more year of Lionism success on the island.

    As the members strolled into the Den, they took advantage of the happy hour drinks before the official ceremony was called to order. Master of Ceremonies, Lion Eiden Salazar Jr. took control of the ceremony after the call to order by President Mel Paz. Gracious Miss Lions Zone 59 Alexis Guerrero welcomed everyone to the evening occasion, congratulating the club for their contribution towards the community. President Paz explained that not only is the Lions Club an important organization, but is and continues to play a vital role in shaping a part of the town’s success. In closing, Paz thanked the club for showing their support to her, and called on all Lions to keep the spirit of service alive.

    Following Paz’s addressed, Chair of Zone 59 Lion Baldemar Graniel officiated the installation of the new members. As part of the installation, Graniel explained the role that the club plays in the community encouraging the 12 new members to wear their pins and jackets with pride. All 12 members pledged to work closely with the club and improve the community.

    Following the installation ceremonies, Club Secretary Jorge Aldana along with the Miss Alexis Guerrero, distributed certificates and awards. Certificates of appreciation were given to Caribbean Queen Limited and Lion Edilberto “Beto” Marin for contributing selflessly to Lionism in San Pedro. In addition, a posthumous award in the form of a plaque was awarded to deceased Lion Felipe “Tio Pil” Paz for his lifetime dedication to Lionism in San Pedro. Also receiving an award was Lion Ali Kisling for his dedication to Lionism in Belize. Rompe Raja was presented with a gift in the form of a high quality cordless microphone for their musical contribution to the community.

    Lion Pedro Salazar then led the anniversary toast after making a recollection of the night that the club was chartered. Salazar congratulated the newly installed members encouraging and explaining to them that for the most part, the success of the club falls on the new members.

    Following the anniversary toast, invited guests shared the night with the Lion members as they enjoyed a delicious supper. Everyone danced the night away with the music of Rompe Raja. The San Pedro Sun joins the community in congratulating The San Pedro Lions Club on their 34th anniversary.

    On Sunday, Lions from all Clubs rendezvoused once more to the Lions Den where at 10:00 a.m. an official Cabinet Meeting was held. Views and concerns were discussed and shared, while Zone Chairman Lion Baldemar Graniel invited all Lions to work together to reshape Lionism in the country.

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