5k Walk for Liberty Children’s Home

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 19, No. 45            November 26, 2009

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Approximately 60 individuals turned out for the 5K Run-Walk for Liberty Children’s Home this past Sunday. Starting from Central Park and ending at Captain Morgan’s Resort, the group either ran or walked to their end destination. Each individual had sponsors or paid their entry fee and a total of $6,030 was raised for Liberty.

    Adults and children, young and old, everyone took their time and enjoyed the three mile trek to Captain Morgan’s. Fueled by muffins and juice which were handed out at Central Park, the group made every effort to reach their destination. Upon arriving at Captain Morgan’s, the group was greeted by live music and fabulous prizes. Joining the walkers were 14 children from Liberty who participated in the fundraiser. Organizer Janet Vucinich stated, “having the 14 Liberty children run with the group gave all participants a real sense of who they were doing this for.”

    An entry fee of $30 was donated by each participant and runners were advised to get sponsors. Larger donations were more than welcome with the person raising the most money receiving a prize. This was taken by Cindy Vigna who managed to raise over $1,000 singlehandedly. Liberty Children’s Home is situated in Ladyville, on the outskirts of Belize City, and was opened in the summer of 2005. Liberty Children’s Home cares for approximately 40 children all of whom have been abandoned and/or physically/sexually abused while many also have disabilities, special needs or are HIV positive. Liberty works closely with the Belize Human Services Department in the placement of the children at Liberty.

    Liberty does not just give a child shelter and food but provides an environment where children are respected, nurtured and treated as individuals. The care at Liberty is influenced by the Pikler method of childcare, a well researched approach developed to prevent the damaging effects of institutionalization on children.

    Vucinich ended by saying that the following Liberty Children Home fundraiser will be held at Pedro Inn on December 6th. The afternoon event will include raffles, a silent auction, barbecue available for purchase and a Jump-a-thon, which will have children battling out to see who can jump rope the longest.

    For further information on Liberty Children’s Home or information on their future fundraisers, contact Vucinich at 226-2112.

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