La Factoria and Josseph rock the island!

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 19, No. 49            December 24, 2009

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They arrived on Friday to the island: the former member of what used to be La Factoria, Panamanian Dancehall and Reggaetón artist Demphra, along with Josseph, were met by a crowd eagerly awaiting for them at the town’s Municipal Pier. A wave, a handshake, a picture were all what the fans wanted. For weeks, they waited and waited, listened to their tunes belting on the 92.3 FM airwaves. The duo was here!

    After a night of meeting with their fans, the couple got ready for the big show. The Old Football Field was packed and the opening numbers hit the stage – Nestor Rivero and his crew along with the unmistakable beats of Rock in Peace. They blasted their music through the speakers and got fans primed for the main event.

    Marlene Romero, who goes by her artist name of Demphra, along with Panamanian hit Josseph, rocked the crowd in San Pedro Town on Saturday night. Josseph is making waves with some of his recently released songs and Demphra, who is no stranger to the stage found her island fans singing along to her music. Sponsored by SunDancer and King of Kings Production, the concert was a big hit as Demphra took center stage along with her dancers to entertain the massive crowd with popular songs such as Todavía and No Lastimes Más which have topped the charts worldwide. Following her single performances, Demphra was joined on stage by Josseph where they performed several duos.

    Those who attended the concert had a fabulous time and enjoyed every second of the show. According to organizers they are already making plans for the other concert scheduled for sometime in February.
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