Victor Quiroz slapped with various charges

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 20, No. 2            January 14, 2010

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Five burglaries in the area point to Quiroz

T He told police that he was a minor after he broke into a home last week, but that did not stop police from slapping 18-year-old Victor Manuel Hernandez Quiroz, with a number of charges following a home burglary. As readers may recall, Police detained a person matching the description given, which included injuries inflicted, on an individual who had burglarized the home of San Pedro resident, Alberto Ancona on January 4th, 2010. While under police custody, Quiroz told police that he was 16 years of age and as a result, his identity was withheld by both the Police Department and some sectors of the media to protect the minor’s identity as stipulated by the Children’s Act. But as it now turns out to be, not only did Quiroz prove to be deceitful to the police and the media about his particulars, but he is also responsible for a number of other burglaries and crimes on the island and on the same area as the Ancona residence.

    While under custody, Police investigation linked Quiroz to the aggravated burglary of the residences of Michaela Chub, Florita Frisinger, Linda Stevens, plus the burglary of Saga’s office and Ali Baba Restaurant, all committed in December 2009.

    As a result Quiroz was charged for two counts of aggravated burglary, one count of grievous harm and four separate counts of burglary. According to police more than half of the properties stolen during the long list of burglaries were recovered. When he appeared in court, Quiroz wasted no time in pleading guilty to all charges. Hence, Quiroz was sentenced to seven years for aggravated burglary and two years for grievous harm for the case involving the assault and burglary of the Ancona’s resident. Additionally, he was also sentence to five years for each of the other cases. Quiroz is a born Belizean but was raised in Honduras and had recently arrived in San Pedro where he lived in the San Pedrito Area.
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