Valentine Poetry Competition

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 20, No. 4            January 28, 2010

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Till Death Do Us Apart

You took my hand in your hand
Left footprints while we walked on the sand

Sat down cuddled up and looked at the sea
Waiting for sunset while hearing the waves and winds melody

Then darkness approached and you held me tighter
Your closeness and warmth just made me feel happier

The moon and the stars illuminated the night
Oh, my love life without you would never feel alright

From the day our eyes met we fell instantly in love with each other
Our hearts knew that we were meant to be together

Even though we took our time to notice the truth
Finally came the day when love replaced our hurt

We live for each other, sharing spoons of love
That being and having each other is more than enough

Being the air we need to breathe
The blood, energy, food, water, the necessities we need in order to live

You are my world, my tears, my fears, my happiness, my life, my angel
My strength and courage, my soul, the one that picks me up when I fall

Beautiful eyes never ever think of leaving me
My tears will form a sea and i will be tortured with melancholy

Together forever, let this vow continue
In riches or poorness, in good and bad times, till death do us apart, i will always love you!

Heather Blanco
(I'm a student at Muffles Junior College, from Orange Walk District (San Estevan Village), 19 years old)

Con Ansias de Amar
by Freddy Nunez

Ya no tengo a nadie en quien pensar
Ahora solo me toca esperar
Que el amor pronto llegará
Siento mi conciencia limpia
Y mi corazón con estas ansias de amar
Tengo posibilidades que tú seas
La persona ideal

Es que me tienes el corazón palpitando
Y cada vez que digo que no pienso en nadie
Me equivoco cuando solo se pensar en ti
Yo sé que no me quieres
Pero tiempo lo dirá
Yo se que con el tiempo contigo
Mi corazón estará

Ya no tengo a nadie en quien pensar
Porque en mi conciencia solo, solo tú estás
Y mi corazón me pregunta
Por ti, adonde estarás
Pero yo y my humilde amor
Lo hemos dicho
Que hay que esperar

Porque he reconocido
Que tú eres la persona ideal
La única persona que he visto
Que me ha hecho suspirar
Eres mi toda mi eternidad
Tú eres la que me tiene loco
Con estas ansias de volverme a enamorar

You Are My Chosen
by: Jovany R.

Whenever you come around
In warm, wonderful sensations I drown
You don’t even have to make a sound
For these loving feelings inside me to abound

Despite myself, these emotions out of me pour
To the Heavens I can feel my heart soar
A feeling that shakes me to the core
I’ll forever be wanting more

In my heart love has taken up residence
An unexpected but beautiful occurrence
Love songs finally make sense
All I need is your presence

I never thought this could happen
Truthfully it has left me a bit shaken
But deep inside me my heart has spoken
And it says you... you are my chosen
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