America’s Most Wanted films in San Pedro

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 20, No. 5            February 4, 2010

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Traffic came to halt on Barrier Reef this morning and it was not because of a check point. Indeed, it was the host of America’s Most Wanted (AMW), John Walsh and crew, filming in San Pedro as part of a show on Belize. AMW is viewed in 45 countries, has been on television for 23 years and is the third longest running show on prime time television and viewed by millions.

    But what brought Walsh to Belize? That’s what The Sun asked him during an interview while on the island. According to Walsh he came to Belize for many reasons but mainly because he has been profiling a wanted criminal who was caught living in Belize. “We have been profiling a guy named Robert Snyder, a convicted pedophile and child molester from Colorado, USA” stated Walsh. Snyder was a chess teacher that was accused, convicted and on the run. Walsh continued by stating that, “I put him on the show and a couple of weeks ago we received a tip from a young girl that Snyder was in Belize and teaching chess at her school.” With the help of both American and Belize law enforcement agencies Snyder was followed, observed then captured in Belize. Walsh stated that he interviewed the girl and her mother and some of the people involved with the successful capture of Snyder.

    In 2009 alone, 19 American fugitives were caught in Belize giving the perception that Belize is a haven for fugitives. Walsh indicated that because of the growing number of American fugitive hiding out in Belize, he has come to Belize to feature other wanted American fugitives. He ended by saying that, “I came down to Belize to send a clear message to American wanted fugitives; don’t come to Belize. It’s a small wonderful little country; you can’t hide here. You can run to Belize but you can’t hide here.” Over 1000 fugitives have been caught in 35 different countries, including Belize. This episode on Belize will be featured on AMW’s weekly show on Saturday February 27th, 2010.
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