A new palapa for SPRCS

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 20, No. 13            April 1, 2010

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    The San Pedro Roman Catholic School will have a new addition in the form of a brand new palapa built on their compound. The palapa will be a 20’ x 30’ structure perfect for the students to sit under and enjoy a healthy lunch from the cafeteria, for the school to hold assemblies, study periods or shelter from the hot sun or rain. This project comes through funding from a grant provided via Fido’s Courtyard and through the efforts of Mrs. Eve Dirnback.

    Fido’s general manager Brian Cook explained that the business is very excited to help further the efforts of Miss Eve by funding the new palapa on the school’s yard. “Belizeans and San Pedranos have always been loyal to Fido’s and we are happy to give something back and be a part of this project for our kids. God put us all here on this planet together, we have to take care of each other. What better place to start than hungry tummies and hungry minds, right? We’re thrilled to be a part of this. The real credit goes to Miss Eve though – without her this would not have come together,” he explained.

    Mrs. Dirnback was instrumental in getting the cafeteria up and running at the school and she hoped to be able to construct a palapa for the students, as well. Her dream is now a reality and soon the students will be able to enjoy her hard work. Flow River Flow, through Fido’s Courtyard, is the granting committee who provided the $10,000 funding. The palapa will host picnic tables, which have already been donated by Fido’s Sandbar, and play ground equipment will soon be installed as well.

    Councilor Romel Gomez, whose portfolio is Education, is thankful for the assistance of Fido’s and Mrs. Dirnback. “I feel very privileged and honored to work with people like Mrs. Eve. I hope that the people of San Pedro and the community, once they see what she is doing along with the aid of the Town Council, realize that we need the assistance of them so that we can continue to carry out with projects like this in order to keep our children out of the streets.”

    According to Mrs. Dirnback, “There is such a need and I found that the school’s pleas for help were not being answered and since I live here six months out of the year, I have dedicated my life while here to helping the Roman Catholic School. I am concerned by the children’s safety and I love these little children.”

    “It is a joint effort,” commented Mrs. Dirnback. “There are many individuals who have been key in making this a reality. Randy Lewis has contributed in the building of the cafeteria, hardware stores have donated materials and the Council has made a donation for the project, as well. We thank everyone for their wonderful assistance.”

    The palapa is scheduled to be completed in time for the student’s return from their Easter holidays.

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