“Currents of Belize” premieres in Vail, Colorado

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 20, No. 23            June 10, 2010

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Featured Belizean fishermen attend the event

    In 2009, Vol. 19, Issue # 38, The San Pedro Sun ran an article entitled “Costa Del Mar films in Belize.” Aside from quality sunglasses, the well known international brand Costa del Mar, also produces films that promote fly fishing and protection of the ecosystem. The film crew was in Belize and made a stop in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye to document the lifestyle of local fly fisherman Abner ‘Abby’ Marin of GoFish in San Pedro Town. They also filmed Mr. Lincoln Westby of Hopkins, and both men were featured in the documentary “Currents of Belize”.

    The film focused on the people, culture, environment, ecosystem and the role that developments are playing in the fishing industry in Belize. The film featured different locations in Belize, creating a visible contrast between southern and northern parts of the country. This aspect of the film gives viewers a chance to observe development in the various regions of the country and measure the effect of such development to the country’s ecosystem, whether it poses a negative impact to the fisheries in Belize.

    Abby Marin and wife, Marisela Marin as well as Mr. Lincoln Westby travelled to Vail, Colorado to promote the film “Currents of Belize”, and for its official premiere on Friday, June 4th at the Lodge at Vail. They were also in attendance at the Outdoor Reels Film Series at the 2010 Teva Mountain Games. While in Vail; Abby and Mr. Westby also competed in the “2 Fly X-Stream” fly-fishing competition on Saturday and Sunday. While the team did not win the competition, they did give a good performance. The duo was also featured on tv8vail’s Good Morning Vail show on June 4th 2010. Congratulations to Mr. Marin and Mr. Westby for proudly representing Belize and contributing to Belize’s international recognition.

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