Political Reform Committee revised...

Civil "resource persons" promoted to membership

Press Release - 7 November, 1997 (BIS) - The Joint Select Committee on Political Reform, appointed by the National Assembly held its second meeting Friday, November 7, 1997 in the Committee Room, National Assembly Building, Belmopan.

First of all, it was agreed that persons to serve as resource persons now act in the capacity of adjunct members with an equal voice and equal vote with the Members of the National Assembly and as full participants in the process.

It was further agreed, that the National Assembly, at its next meeting would be asked to revisit the Motion for Establishment of a Joint Select Committee on Political Reform, so as to take account of the membership of civil society partners.

It was also agreed that the Opposition Members of the Committee who did not attend the two initial meetings be urged to participate, in the national interest.

The meeting acknowledged that the time table fixed by the initial meeting for the completion of the project was unrealistic; and, given the nature of the work and of the consultation process that the time frame be left elastic, recognizing, however, that the process ought to be completed in a timely fashion.

There was agreement on formation of a sub-committee which would review the documentation already in possession of the Committee, including material from other jurisdictions engaged in the same process, as well as written submissions received from the public.

Additionally, the sub-committee will engage in informal but wide-ranging consultations and at the end of those consultations and review process would submit to the larger committee a draft proposal for discussion and ratification with the larger public.

It was also agreed that the services of a legal expert be sought to assist both the sub-committee and the larger committee at its work.

Deadline for written submissions from the public on this political reform is extended to 31st December, 1997.

Members invited to serve on the sub-committee are the representatives of: ANDA (Dylan Vernon), Chamber of Commerce (Godwin Hulse), Raymond Davis (Trade Union Congress), Hon. Melvin Hulse (Member of the House of Representatives).

A space has been left open for the Opposition.

It was agreed that the first meeting of the sub-committee will be held on the 21st November, 1997.

Members of the parent committee who were present are: Hon. Dean Barrow (Chairman), Hon. Melvin Hulse, Hon. Wilfred Elrington, Mr. Dylan Vernon (ANDA), Mr. Raymond Davis (Trade Union Congress), Reverend Moises Chan (Council of Churches), Mr. William M. Tillett (CVSS).

Political Reform Committee revised...

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