Dolphins in the race - tie in points for second place with Juventus

After much uncertainty as to whether the team would be able to travel due to financial difficulties, the dolphins set off for Belize City on Sunday morning January 11th at 10:00 a.m. enroute to Belmopan for a return match. The Dolphins won the home game earlier this season. The sky was cloudy and the threat of rain was ever-present before the start since a persistent drizzle was falling about twenty five minutes before game time. When game time finally arrived the drizzle had subsided and the sky started to clear up with the sun coming out about ten minutes into the game.

San Pedro jumped on the pitch with a few changes in their starting line-up. Oscar Pinelo in midfield and Lloyd Bodden on the offensive line were the changes that coach Torres had decided to make since some players had showed up late. Belmopan showed through out the game that they were not coming to speculate at any moment and that they were going to leave everything on the pitch of play against the Dolphins. Oliver Hendricks showed that he is almost in top shape after his rehab, in the first minute of play, when he got loose on the left flank beating his mark and zigged a pass to the incoming Landy who let go a medium height bullet that the goal keeper didn't even attempt to stop. Dolphins, one; Belmopan, nil. The dynamic of the game was a constant come and go from the two teams and the excitement was high because both teams had many opportunities to score but as they say in Football, the one who scores the goals wins, not the one who had the opportunities and missed. Such an opportunity presented itself to Oscar in the 31st minute when from long range he observed that the keeper was little bit too far out of his goal area. He let go a sizzling torpedo shot that beat the keeper making him look real bad and made the score two to nil in favor of the Dolphins with which the first half would end.

The second half would see another variation in the Dolphins lineup. Brooks started complaining that his shoulder was hurting and the coach opted to send in the substitute keeper, Abel Rene, who did travel with the team this time. Again, as in the first half, both teams went all out. Belmopan tried to cut the lead by San Pedro and the latter to try and increase their lead since sometimes goal difference does come into play to determine positions. Both teams played loose and displayed good ball handling and desire to give a good spectacle to the fans that were present much to their enthusiastic pleasure since the comments that this writer heard were very positive for both teams even though they lost. Abel showed that he is capable of handling the pressure when he is called upon since on three specific occasions that the Belmopan strikers had clear option to score he came up big and saved his goal. Like they say, 'Nuff Respect to Abel. Keep it up.

The scoring for the Dolphins ended in the 7th minute of the second half when from a throw in on the left hand side of the field Landy took the ball, controlled it in his own special way and rammed it hard to the goal once again beating the keeper to mark the final of Dolphins three Belmopan nil. We ask the fans to come out and support the team on Sunday when it will be payback time for the Dolphins. Acros is coming to town. They beat us in the City; now they will be on the heels of Juventus who yet has to come to Town too.

Dolphins in the race - tie in points for second place with Juventus

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