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Dr. Love is the island's and possibly the world's greatest authority on just about everything, though the Doctor seldom addresses matters involving the law or religion. Otherwise, Dr. Love answers questions about love, life, relationships, intra-neighborhood squabbles and various other things that people don't understand. You may write to the Doctor at P.O. Box 35, San Pedro Town, Belize or fax 026-2905. For all of you cyberspace people - you may E-mail the good Doctor at sanpdrosun@btl.net.

Dear Doctor Love,
Every year we go through the beginning of the season where everyone is whining and crying about the lack of customers. This year it seems to be different (knock on wood). Tourists are tripping over each other on the street. Why the sudden increase in business? Is it just San Pedro or is this happening in other parts of the country?

/s/ Broke

Dear Broke,
The sudden growth of the tourist business is officially attributed to different factors like the state of the world economy and "market penetration" by Belize government tourism entities. What a load of crap! The truth is that the Internet is the major reason for the business boom. Individuals and private companies have invested more in advertising over the past two years than the government has in the history of Belize. That is because individuals have no qualms about investing their money where it will do the most good for them. They don't have to worry about pleasing anyone else. The result is a lot of different people investing a lot of money spreading information about Belize.

Dear Doctor,
What can you do about a driver who endangers others and yet the police do nothing about it? A little red Mazda pickup truck with soft drink banners attached to it has been speeding around this island for some time now. He has endangered my life and the life of others. I thought about going to the police about him, but I am familiar with the blank stares given to one who complains. Some friends of mine and I are thinking of administering street justice by yanking the driver out and teaching him a lesson. What do you think?

/s/ Pedestrian

Dear Pedestrian,
Do not even think of doing something like that unless the Doctor is present to get a few licks in. The Doctor knows which idiot you are talking about, having dodged that little red truck a few times in the past. Here is a better idea. Write to the soft drink company and explain to them that a truck hauling their products and sometimes bearing their logo is endangering the lives of people here. If you shake the branches of the company tree hard enough, something will happen. A multinational company is not going to let their image be smeared because of a fool who is not qualified to drive.

The following letter is in response to an item in the Local Drift section of a recent San Pedro Sun. The article was about a bottle with a message in it from Cancun that drifted ashore here.

Dear Doctor Love,
In response to Local Drift, the people of Cancun know how much the people of San Pedro love to litter their streets, so they sent some for the beach.

/s/ A friend of Rene Matus

Dear Friend,

Letters like this can usually be counted on to raise the Doctor's hackles and bring out a fighting response. However, this time there is no escaping the truth. It is not uncommon to see people eat something and throw the wrapper to the ground when a trash can is only a few feet away. Now, let hit back a little bit.

Please do not fool yourself into thinking that Mexicans are less slovenly and lazy than Belizeans when it comes to garbage. Go to any barrio in Mexico and see for yourself. The Mexican government pumps millions of dollars into cleanup in Cancun and uses expensive specialized equipment that this country could never afford.

San Pedro has about ten municipal workers armed with rakes, shovels and a tractor pulling a trailer load of garbage. They must be doing something or we would be waist deep in trash in less than a week.

Dear Doctor Love,
Don't you think these muddy streets are a shame? After some days water stinks since it has nowhere to run. Riding bike and driving golf cart are not enjoyed. No walking or running I think something got to be done. When our fellow tourist reach home I don't think they recommend San Pedro for vacations. I know we cannot prevent Mother Nature but probably something can be done. Right?


Dear Unsigned,
Of course, something can be done. We can lay pipes for water runoff; build storage ponds for rainwater; pave the streets. Do you notice two things that these solutions have in common? They cost money and call for agreement by a lot of people. These are things that are in short supply on this island. Besides, what makes you think that people come here for the roads? They don't. They come here for Mother Nature which, as you say, is uncontrollable. If it is raining, they are not going to be very happy anyway. If the sun is shining, we don't have big mud puddles. Ergo, why do anything differently?

Dear Doctor Love,
New Year's Eve and Christmas Eve both fell in the middle of the week this year. The streets were full of people walking and speeding taxi's. Shouldn't the street in front be closed on holidays as well as weekends. This was a very dangerous situation this year.

/s/ Concerned

Dear Concerned,
You are right. Someone has to take the initiative to suggest it to the town board ahead of time, though. During the holidays they have many things to do just like everyone else. Your suggestion would probably be appreciated.

Dr. Love

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