Assistant Superintendent Michael Gutierrez receives new appointment

ASP Michael Gutierrez

Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Michael Gutierrez was stationed in San Pedro on July 15th, 1997. ASP Gutierrez replaced Assistant Inspector Dean Lozano and served as the officer in charge of the San Pedro Police Department for a little over a year. On July 31st, 1998, ASP Gutierrez handed over his position as head of the San Pedro Department to Assistant Superintendent of Police Rodolfo Oreo.

Before coming to San Pedro, ASP Gutierrez served as the police liaison officer in the Ministry of National Security in Belmopan, Cayo. He said that his purpose for coming to San Pedro was to enhance and promote the image of the police by regaining the community's confidence, and as a result ridding the island of crime and criminality. He added that another main concern was to ensure that the police under his command respect the law and comply with police regulations. "I believe all that was achieved," said ASP Gutierrez. "It is attributed to the members of staff. We had a limit of man power but we all put our shoulders to the wheel and kept rolling. We dealt with the major, more serious crimes. We dealt with them professionally, for example, the case with the armed robbers. I thank the community for assisting and cooperating with the department. For the short time I was here I made friends and will remain friends with them. I'd like to thank everyone again for their cooperation during my tenure. I am looking forward to my new position and I hope the people of San Pedro will give my successor the same cooperation and assistance."

On Monday, July 27th, ASP Gutierrez was informed that he was being transferred to Belize City where he would be given the position of Rural Executive Officer. As the Rural Executive Office he is responsible for all the police stations in the Belize District except the Belize City departments. "I am always ready to take up a challenge and San Pedro was one point in my career as a police officer. I had good and challenging times. I was fair in dealing with concerns and made important decisions in a fair manner. Thank you San Pedro and best of luck to you all."

ASP Oreo took office on August 4th, 1998. Sergeant Melbourne Alvarez was in command of the department during the transition period.

Assistant Superintendent Michael Gutierrez receives new appointment

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