Medical professionals receive CPR training photo

Dr. Victor Perera, Antonia Guerrero, Dr. Otto Rodriguez and Veronica Caserez

Dr. Ellie Krouse visited San Pedro in March of this year and certified four medical professionals as Instructors of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) for professional rescue.

Dr. Victor Perera, Dr. Otto Rodriguez, Dental and Medical Assistant Veronica Caserez and Hyperbaric Chamber Technician Antonia Guerrero were all certified by Dr. Krouse. The training took place over the course of a week and was conducted at Dr. Perera's office at Island Plaza on Barrier Reef Drive.

According to Dr. Rodriguez, in order for a person to administer CPR they must be certified. If a person is not certified they stand the risk of being sued for malpractice. "In the states it is a requirement," he said. "But in Belize it isn't really. Now more and more people are starting to get certified, which is good."

People who are interested in being certified in CPR should contact Dr. Rodriguez at the Lions Clinic: 2073.

Medical professionals receive CPR training photo

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