Broadcasting Corporation of Belize undergoes Divestment

The Government of Belize has announced the appointment of a Transition Committee to supervise the divestment of the Broadcasting Corporation of Belize.

The Transition Committee is to be chaired by Mr. Godfrey Smith and will consist of two other members:- 1) Mr. Warren Coye, an Accountant, 2) Mr. Glenn Tillett, a media consultant.

Ms. Ann Wade, a veteran of the radio industry, is the Secretary of the Committee. The terms of reference of the Committee include the immediate fulfillment of the Government's Manifesto promise of divesting the BCB, proposing legislation that will ensure Government's access to private radio in order to communicate with the Belizean people; and finally, to assist current employees of the Corporation in fulfilling their professional goals, following the divestment.

The Government is committed to work in direct consultation with the Media Association of Belize in fulfilling the above stated terms of reference. - End of Press release.

In a conversation with Mrs. Forbes of the Broadcasting Corporation of Belize, the San Pedro Sun was informed that the Transition Committee is conducting interviews with some of the announcers and technicians, but not all. The interviews are being conducted in order to aid the employees in finding jobs in their respective professional goals. The other employees are not being provided with this service.

The Broadcasting Corporation of Belize will be closed on October 31st, 1998, and sales of the assets will commence in November. Many concerned citizens have expressed their discontent with the closing down of the BCB.

Broadcasting Corporation of Belize undergoes Divestment

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