Fido's Courtyard and Pier and Malcolm Hitchcock

Malcolm and daughter Dominique

Fido's Courtyard started business about 30 years ago under the name of Fido's Hotel. It was among the first hotels to establish on the island. Today Fido's Courtyard is comprised of a restaurant, bar and leases space to the Reality Café, Belizean Arts Gift Shop, Sunsational Gift Shop, Southwind Properties and Aqua Dives Dive Shop.

Malcolm Geoffrey Hitchcock was born and raised in London, England. Before he came to live in San Pedro he worked in many fields. He joined the British Navy, worked in the Playboy Casinos of the Playboy Organization and in his last profession he was a special effects and art director in Hollywood, California. He has worked in blockbuster films such as "Blown Away," "Ghost Busters," "Dances with Wolves," and has done countless television commercials. He has also done major research for other movies. And you may be asking yourself, ‘Why did he leave such a great job to live here in San Pedro and run Fido's?'

"I totally fell in love with San Pedro when I first visited about 30 years ago; I was in the British Navy at the time," said Malcolm. "I told myself that I was going to come back to this precious little island. And I'm here."

At the time of his first visit, Fido's was owned by Mr. Fido Nuñez. Mr. Nuñez ran the establishment as a small thatched-roof hotel. Since then the hotel has had a couple different owners.

Malcolm moved away from Hollywood and became a resident of San Pedro. He arrived in March of 1995 and after inquiring about many businesses, he bought Fido's Courtyard and Pier with his partner, Jim McGee, from Jerry Gilbreath. Before he settled with his new business, he went back to Paris, France to finish a project he had begun. When he acquired the place, Fido's was operating apartments and renting restaurant space in the lower flat. After a while of dealing with the apartments, Malcolm found that it was too much trouble to maintain and closed them down.

"I wanted to make Fido's Courtyard a nice place where families could come and hang out," said Malcolm. "Not that it was a bad place. I did not want it to become just another bar in town. Before, it was too rowdy and now the place is a lot more mellow."

Malcolm took up the project to rejuvenate the entire place and give it a new and fresh atmosphere. He rebuilt the thatched roof, bar, kitchen, ground floor and storage areas. The kitchen was totally remodeled and now is more efficient. Other than renting business space, Fido's offers rentals for all kinds of water activities. They rent hydrobikes, wave runners, boats and offer parasailing.

"I try to organize a variety of activities, like bringing different bands and organizing beach parties, to liven the place up. I want to provide people with good entertainment so that they can come to have a good and relaxing time," commented Malcolm.

Malcolm never doubted that San Pedro was a great place to live

in and raise a family. He has come to enjoy all the aspects of island life.

"San Pedro is just a wonderful place to live in," he said. "I try to give as much to the community as possible. I only think that it is fair; if you have a business and you are gaining something from the community you need to give back." This is one of the reasons that Malcolm does not hesitate to help the town in anyway possible. He has donated much time to pageants and many fundraisers.

"I love San Pedro and I will never leave this place," commented Malcolm. "I am here to stay and nobody can take me away." Malcolm lives with his wife Mary and has two Belizean children. They have a two year old adopted daughter named Dominique and Alexander who is only three months old. "I do not know if I will stay with Fido's for very much longer. I think it is about time for me to relax a little more. I can go back to Hollywood and work for about three months and then be back on the island. That is all I need to sustain myself and my family. But don't get me wrong, I am not about to leave this place for anything in the world; this is my home."

Fido's Courtyard and Pier and Malcolm Hitchcock

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