The Ballad of Hurricane Mitch - by Tim Budd

Editors note: This is a song written by Tim Budd inspired by the Hurricane of two weeks ago.

He came out of the south

Like some vanquished dictator

Lookin' for a war to wage

How could we know

When he started to blow

The level at which he would rage

He was acting kind of partial

to Kingston, Jamaica

when something to the west

caught his eye

Maybe Belize, or Cancun if you please

Is where everybody's gona die

Hurricane Mitch - that son of a bitch

He'll take your home

And he'll leave you a ditch

He had no plan - He's a one eyed show

But how was anybody to know


Where he'd go.

When he began to get strong

I knew that something was wrong

And when he turned to the west

I was certain

It was time to say goodbye

And keep my family alive

If Belize was to face the final curtain

When he set out to sea

No one could agree

Just what the old boy might be thinkin'

We were lucky up here

But he took out the piers

Still he left us some beers

For the drinkin'

Oh General Mitch - you made the big boats pitch

You kill the poor babies

You kill the rich

Stronger than an army - You're a one man show

But how was anybody to know

Where you'd go

Mitch opened his mouth

And then headed south

He swallowed up the Swans and the Guanaja

He stopped in Roatan

And there he made a stand

While he set his sights on Managua

When the mountain came down

On the Nicaraguan towns

He killed 4000 plus - they're still countin'

He went back to sea - then took a heading of Northeast

to rain on the mountains

Like a fountain

Now look at you Mitch

You're a son of a bitch

You left so many homeless

Without even a stitch

And now your cryin'

On your way to Key West

If you never come again

We would all think that's best

©1998 T. Budd

The Ballad of Hurricane Mitch - by Tim Budd

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