Valentine's Day Poetry Contest on Friday February 13th

The San Pedro Sun's 7th Annual Poetry Contest is only one week away. We're encouraging everyone to write, write, write and to attend the contest at Fido's Courtyard on February 13th, at 7:30 p.m. If you would like to be a judge please let us know. There are two categories of writers foreign and domestic. The poem that the judges consider to be the best over all will be awarded the grand prize. A prize will be given for most humorous poem and the most romantic. The following establishments are sponsoring the contest with prizes: (They are in no particular order. Other prizes and sponsors will be printed next week.) San Pedro Sun - $150.00 grand prize, Belicolor - 11x14 picture, Maya Island Air - a round trip ticket to municipal, Capricorn Resort and Restaurant - dinner for two, Victoria House - dinner for two and a glass of wine, Barrier Reef Restaurant - one large pizza, Purple Parrot - $50.00 bar tab, Rasta Pasta Pizza Amor - dinner for two and a glass of wine, Celi's dinner for two and a non-alcoholic beverage, Fido's Courtyard - $50.00 bar tab, Casa Caribe - two exotic drinks, Mata Chica - dinner for two, wine and dessert included, Ramon's Village Restaurant - dinner for two, Little Italy - dinner for two and a glass of wine, Innovative water sports - a jet ski adventure, San Pedro Distributors - 1 case of Coca Cola, Elvi's Kitchen - dinner for two and Playador - dinner for two and a glass of wine. In the foreign category, one of the prizes is a year's subscription to the San Pedro Sun.

Simply Beautiful
By Edgar T. Moore

Two words when put together
may seem unusual but are true
simply beautiful, is what I see,
when my mind gets a vision of you
And what I describe when my friends,
ask about you and question me,
are those two words, simply beautiful,
there for anyone to see
And thoughts of an ocean sunset,
or a frosty winter morn,
a calm clear mountain lake,
or trees with snow adorn
The only thing that comes to mind
as hard as I may try,
that equals the beauty of these,
is a vision of you in my eye.
Simply beautiful

Here to stay
by Melbourne Alvarez

Sometimes I said that we quit,
that we're finished, that we're through.
But whenever we meet
I just can't say those words to you.
Sometimes I said I want you no more
and just wish for you to go away.
But somehow I just miss you
if I don't see you for a day.
I have fallen in love with you
without realizing that I was in so deep.
Now you're in waking moments
and are the sweeter of my dreams whenever I sleep.
Leaving you is not as easy
as I had thought it to be.
Too much of you has now become a part of me
that to love another, I just cannot be free.
I've got to now take my thoughts
and throw them all away because I could see for myself
that no matter how hard I try, you're here to stay.

Because of Love
by Carlton Meighan

It is because of love
that I learned to take my time.
To give you the happiness
that you always wanted to find.
It is because of love
that I sometimes laugh and cry,
Give you ultimate fulfillment
and decide to give your love a try.
It is because of love
that I learned to believe in you
and do everything that'll help
to make your sweet dreams come true.
It is because of love
that I'm willing to suffer, to rejoice
and have no alternatives
but to make you my choice.
It is because of love
that I listen when you speak
and give the security and strength
when you've feeling weak.
It is because of love
that I learned to understand
when you need quality time
and honesty from a man.
It is because of love
that I sometimes get hurt
but life without you
just has no worth.

I can't let you go
by Gene Lopez

How am I to stop loving you
How am I to say
I don't need you anymore.
Baby, I just can't do that.
I love you in every way
To watch you going through that door.
How am I to lose you
with your sweet tender kiss
and your warm embrace.
Baby those are just a few
that I will miss
if in my heart someone takes your place.
It is hard to explain
But it is easier to express
the way I feel for you.
I'm with you in your sorrows and joys
And for me you're always the best
out of the girls that I knew.
So now you can understand
Why I just can't leave you
and go to another girl.
I want you to be my only one
the one out of a few
in this whole wide world.

Stop my tears from falling
by Sherwood Wade

Warm tears fall down my face
as I hopelessly sit and cry.
My face stays with a wetness
which seems like it will never get dry.
The pain in my broken heart
goes all the way to my mind.
And my eyes shed burning tears
as I reminisce of what I left behind.
The struggle we shared together
and our happiest moments are here no more.
Your gorgeousness and sweet kisses
are now all gone through the door.
It's not until now
that I realized how much I love you.
But my chances are now gone
and crying is all that I can now do.
Baby come and stop my tears from falling
before they cause me to drown.
You know that my only happiness
is when I have you around.

Valentine's Day Poetry Contest on Friday February 13th

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