Linda Novak wins Valentine's Day Poetry Contest

Linda Novak reads her prize winning poem.

The Seventh Annual San Pedro Sun Valentine's Day Poetry Contest was held at Fido's Courtyard on Friday, February 13th, at 7:30 p.m.

Master of Ceremonies was Mr. Dennis Wolfe who read poems for absentee writers. The judges were Mr. Johnnie Greif Jr., Miss Lydia Chuc of the San Pedro Sun and "Wing Ding Wilma" of Connecticut, a long time subscriber of the San Pedro Sun. There were 53 entries this year: 36 local and 17 foreign.

The winners are as follows: Winner of the foreign category was Del "Abe" Jones - "Steal-a-way"; Del Jones won a year subscription to the San Pedro Sun. The Grand Prize winner in the local category was Linda Novak - "Baby Boomer Blues"; Linda won $150.00 from the San Pedro Sun. 2nd place a year website on from Marty Casado - The Marlin - "The Rose". 3rd place a round trip ticket on Tropic Air - Deona Armstrong - "I found love on Valentine's Day." 4th place (a tie) a round trip ticket to Belize City on Maya Island Air - Angie Graniel - "Lonely Valentine" and an overnight stay at the SunBreeze Hotel - Angela

Second place winner Vanessa Guerrero and Master of Ceremonies Dennis Wolfe celebrate her victory
Guerrero - "Letting Go". 5th place dinner for two, dessert and wine at Mata Chica, Mambo Restaurant, - Edwardo Torres - "Just be my lover". 6th place dinner for two and two glasses of wine at Victoria House - Amos D. Mark - "Love Story". 7th place dinner for two and two glasses of wine at Rasta Pasta Pizza Amor - Melbourne Alvarez - "Here to stay". 8th place - dinner for two and two glasses of wine at Little Italy - Matthew Lugliani - "Kate's Sonnet". 9th place dinner for two and two glasses of wine at the Playador - Bill Solice - "She walks in Beauty". 10th place dinner for two and two glasses of wine at Our Daily Bread, Essene Way, - Elisa Flowers - "Moonlight Loving". 11th place dinner for two and two margaritas at La Margarita Restaurant - John Philip Bas - "A Valentine's Day Wish". 12th place dinner for two at Elvi's Kitchen - Steven Rubio - "From the start". 13th place dinner for two Capricorn Resort - Bradley Haylock - "Never leave Belize". 14th place dinner for two at Celi's Restaurant - Rafael Gutierrez - "Untitled". 15th place dinner for two at Ramon's Village Restaurant - Marie Haylock - "Untitled". 16th place a jet ski adventure from Innovative Water Sports - Carlton Meighan - "Because of Love". 17th place a $50.00 bar tab from Fido's Courtyard - Eddie "Betta No Litta" - "F****** Love". 18th place a $50.00 bar tab from Purple Parrot bar at Ramon's Village - Vicki Evans - "The song of Love". 19th place a $50.00 bar tab from Splash Bar - Amparo Barbosa - "Can they know". 20th place a case of Coca-Cola from San Pedro Distributors - Adriana Sanker - "True Love". 21st place two exotic drinks from Casa Caribe - Donna Breaux - "My Valentine". 22nd place a large pizza from Barrier Reef Restaurant - Ernesto Ferrufiño Jr. - "The Love Buzz". 23rd place an 11x14 glamour shot from Belicolor - Severo Guerrero - "Valentine's Day is coming soon".

Those who won prizes and have not received their certificates are kindly asked to pick them up at the Sun office or call and tell us where to mail them.

The San Pedro Sun would like to thank the judges, Master of Ceremonies, Fido's Courtyard, the sponsors and the participants of our Seventh Annual Valentine's Day Poetry Contest.

Here is Linda Novak's winning poem:

Baby Boomer Blues

by Linda Novak

He loves me; he loves me not.
All our friends are getting divorces.
It scares me a lot.

Will our love last forever,
dying together, arms entwined?
Or will we be like some friends,
Divorce lawyers fighting for every dime?

Bimbos and tight bodies
have lured my friends' husbands away.
What do I have
that entices mine to stay?

It must be true love
that keeps us together,
as my body turns to jello,
and my skin to leather

He says I'm beautiful.
I know I'm not.
He ignores the fact
that my body's gone to pot.

Love is compassionate,
love is kind.
And, thank God,
Love is blind.

Linda Novak wins Valentine's Day Poetry Contest

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