Real Estate Corner - by Diane Campbell - Color-Up Report - A tour of Middle St.

Marcos paints mural art below Martha's store

San Pedro is getting into the spirit of neighborhood "ambiance" in a most wonderful way! It's time to say a few words of praise to those folks who are "coloring-up" San Pedro, and to let you know where to go to find some great decorating and home improvement ideas.

This little report is not complete - this is a drive down Middle Street only - starting at Sunbreeze and going north to the river. Later this month we will tour other colorful areas of San Pedro - Front Street, San Pablo and others ..... so if you live in one of those places you still have time to "color-up" before the next color tour.

Middle Street ...... ok, so rent a golf cart, ride a bicycle, hire a taxi or better yet take the family for a walk. However you do it, you will enjoy the lovely fresh colors on homes and businesses .... here is your "color tour" guide: Starting at Sunbreeze Hotel, enjoy their fresh new look in vibrant coral/orange. Then glance next door at Tropical Takeout and Eden Art for some imaginative and beautiful murals. Across the airstrip, Maya Island Air sets your eyes wide open with their trademark colors of purple, yellow and green. The newest addition to the color-up bandwagon is Travel and Tour - WOW - the yellow fence says "HI there!", the colors of the building and trim accent the cozy architecture and the painted sidewalk says "Come on in!" Wander around the corner and up Middle Street (yes, if you take the tour my way, you'd better walk, because I am taking you upstream on a one-way street) …you will pass the distinctive purple trim of Rock's Market. A bit farther along, stop to admire the brilliant chartreuse on the shop downstairs at Martha's - the mural art is cheerful, fun and imaginative as well. Across the street, Elvi's new colors will delight your senses, and the renovations on the former Sunrise Restaurant are looking downright Mayan Temple-ish. We talked about the Casino's creative use of color before ..... it looks as welcoming today as it did when it was first painted. San Pedro Foods is well-known as "the Pink market" - remember that when you are thinking of how to make your business "known".

Businesses are not the only ones on the Color Tour - many homes are making statements of color and taste as well. Middle street has a lot of really pretty and cheerful homes ........ as you are walking north past the "Pink" market (or driving - this part of the tour is a two-way street), look for the tan house with blue trim and bright white swans. Just beyond it is a very Caribbean turquoise home that jumps up and says "good morning"! Nearby you will also enjoy a home graced with lovely green shades, and next door another statement in heavenly blue. Have you noticed Zenzi's deli? If not, take a good look at their purple and pink facade. A little further along is a house that looks like it stepped right off the pages of a magazine - white with sunshine yellow trim. Another imaginative and appealing color combination is nearby - a house done in mauve with white and blue trim. Have you noticed the white and pink house with marble insets, or the house set just off the street in the hue of the Sea with contrasting white trim? Next there is a pink house with flying white horses...... and at the cut another with a bright blue upstairs contrasting nicely with the surrounding properties.

Every week we have more color! And if you are one of the colorful ones, fret not, we are coming to your neighborhood soon. Congratulations San Pedro - you are looking GREAT! And when you look great..... you feel good too. San Pedro is blessed with tremendous natural beauty - and with an abundance of very artistic and talented people. By expressing your talent and creativity in the decorating of your home or business you have a chance to express yourself and to brighten the entire environment ..... keep those colors coming!!!

Thanks for reading ..........

Diane Campbell

Real Estate Corner - by Diane Campbell - Color-Up Report - A tour of Middle St.

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