New logo for Belize Tourism Board

The new logo for the new "Tourism" Board has been officially unveiled. During the ceremony Miss Valerie Woods explained the change from Tourist to Tourism. "Tourism" is the industry and their efforts are dedicated to the overall industry not only to the individual tourist. They are committed to making Belize's tourism product a success by insisting that it is a national priority.

The colorful new logo sports a toucan, a rising sun and the headline, "Catch the adventure." The various colors indicate the diversity of our country. The sun represents the tropics where Belize is located. The toucan was chosen because of its friendly nature and the fact that it is the national bird. The jaguar was replaced with the toucan as a result of surveys taken by ad agency Clarke and Pope. They discovered that people who did not know where Belize was, assumed the jaguar represented Africa. The words of the logo should also lead the tourist to believe that there are more activities to do here than lay back on a beach.

Additionally many advertisements are carrying the slogan "Mother Nature' s Best Kept Secret" which surveys showed represented tourists returning to Belize, who believed they were the only ones who had discovered something new. The top right hand corner of these ads includes the Mundo Maya logo to enable Belize to reap the benefits of this tourism program that we are a member of. There is also an "800" number (1-800-624-0686) and website ( now for people to contact. More than just a marketing tool, this feature enables them to monitor the ad's effectiveness by tracking how many calls or hits are received relating to this advertising campaign.

New logo for Belize Tourism Board

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