Saga Foundation meets

The first public meeting of the Saga Foundation was well attended and drew a warm response from the community. The primary mission of the foundation is to control and monitor the cat and dog population on Ambergris Caye.

Walker Marchal opened the meeting stating the purpose for the proposed animal/medical shelter which is to prevent cruelty and to promote kindness to all domestic and wild animals. Dr. Bron Eastwood then continued with an explanation of the long-term proposal of the shelter. The most pressing issue at this time is the much-needed acquisition of a piece of land on which to construct the permanent building. The property should be located south of town, away from residential areas. Following Dr. Eastwood's talk of the progress made so far, there was an extensive discussion concerning fund-raising projects with a lot of valuable input from the audience.

Many of those who came, stayed afterwards to sign up as members and committed themselves as future volunteers. Anyone interested in becoming a member or in serving on the fundraising committee being headed by Ms. Lane Llewellyn should contact Walker Marchal at 3266. A membership drive is currently underway. Fees for membership and types are as follows: Junior (1-17 years of age) $10, Annual $25, Family $100, and Lifetime $200. They are looking for members who are willing to donate their time, money or other resources to make the foundation a success. Volunteers are also welcome to join their efforts.

To add credence to the need for this organization, was a report made on Tuesday regarding a dog that was found with a gunshot wound. This dog was nearly dead and found by some employees of Tropic Air. A kind donation by Mary Hawthorne of Caye Management provided a lethal injection so this dog could be put out of its misery. Shooting animals is not recommended as a means of controlling stray animals on this island. There are more humane ways of dealing with this situation. For those wishing to make financial contributions, the Saga Foundation has opened a bank account (#1-36784-7) at the San Pedro Branch of Atlantic Bank. For further information call Walker Marchal at 3266.

Saga Foundation meets

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