Our Community - Conchita Valdez - Making the grade in San Pedro

Teacher Miss Conchita Valdez

For many, growing up is hard enough, but choosing a career or profession is even harder. Some make this decision from a young age, but for others, their call comes either through instinct or a trial basis. Regardless which way someone chooses their career, one knows when they have hit it correctly. This is the case of an admirable San Pedro individual who carried on her studies without really knowing which career she would progress into. At the end, her natural instincts took her directly to the vocation that she now says she would not trade for anything else. We are speaking of no one other than Teacher Miss Conchita Valdez.

Conchita was born in San Pedro on March 10th, 1972 to Mrs. Luisa and Mr. Gonzalo Valdez. She was a typical child who enjoyed playing in the sand with her younger brother Gonzalo Jr. and the children of the neighborhood. She attended and graduated from San Pedro Roman Catholic School and then moved to Belize City. There, she enrolled at Pallotti High School (an all girl's school) where she graduated in 1989. Conchita's positive attitude towards her studies encouraged her parents to pay for her schooling at St. John's College Sixth Form. Majoring in Secretarial Studies there, she graduated with high grades in 1991.

It was now time for Ms. Valdez to venture into the business world, but what to do? She felt confident in getting a secretarial job, but deep inside a constant voice led her to try the teaching profession. That same year she applied and was accepted as a teacher at San Pedro High. She commenced teaching typing to the students of second and third form. Her professionalism quickly paid off and she was asked to also teach shorthand and introduction to computers to the Senior class. Even though Miss Conchita (as her students call her) was skilled in these fields, she felt the need to enhance her knowledge. She took a correspondence course with ICS and received her diploma as a Personal Computer Specialist. She also attended a number of workshops and a one week seminar in Corozal Town. This seminar was attended by specific teachers throughout the country who focus in computer technology and Internet studies.

Miss Conchita has gained the respect of the students at San Pedro High. She now teaches typing to students of form 2 through form 4, computer science to the Juniors and Seniors, and helps with the girl's basketball team.

Miss Valdez has certified three adult groups in introduction to computers and word processing and is presently giving night classes to the teachers of San Pedro R.C. School and to the general public. In addition, she has been teaching office procedures to the students at St. Peter's College since 1996. Conchita is a member of the Land Committee for Ambergris Caye. As a young person, she enjoys community functions and finds time to spend with her many friends. One of her favorite things is traveling. To date she has visited the entire East Coast of the U.S., the Bahamas, many Mexican States and Cuba.

When asked about her teaching experience, she enthusiastically responded, "It is a beautiful experience. Everyday, I learn something new from my students. It is a challenging job, but the end results which can be seen during graduation are self-rewarding." Miss Conchita has also prepared her first typing group of students to take the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC). For her hard work and dedication to her students, she was awarded with Certificates of Appreciation from the Class of 1996 and 1997.

Miss Conchita devotes her time to her students with the hopes of touching their lives and leading them on the right path. She believes that everyone is special and tries to share her knowledge to the best of her abilities. She is responsible and a true role model to many students. For all this and more Miss Conchita Valdez is a "top" personality in Our Community.

Our Community - Conchita Valdez - Making the grade in San Pedro

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