Mundo Maya Poster features local girl

Miss Melina Guerrero during photo shoot at Ramon's pool

In an effort to promote our Mayan heritage, the Mundo Maya Public Sector Office, spearheaded by Hon. Patty Arceo, has recently launched another marketing promotion. Eight new posters are being made for this project. Six posters will represent the districts, one the cayes and another the entire country. Photographer Gene Shaw is the person in charge of the design, layout and the overall creation. Ms. Shaw was hired after an impressive photography exhibition she held last year.

San Pedro has been chosen to represent the cayes for the poster. What is more impressive is that 14 year old Miss Melina Guerrero has been chosen as the model for the poster. Beautiful Melina is an active youth in San Pedro who enjoys dancing and participation in community functions. She is a second form student at San Pedro High and the daughter of Abel and Zeida Guerrero. Ms. Shaw has commenced work with Melina during photo shoots at Ramon's Village. Melina told the San Pedro Sun, "I feel good to help in promoting my island and the Mundo Maya. I encourage any girl, if the opportunity arises, to do the same."

The posters will take a little time to be finished and ready to be unveiled. Miss Shaw has been working closely with the people of the districts to make sure that the posters clearly depict our natural resources and the Mundo Maya. Melina's participation in this poster will definitely enhance the beauty of our country.

Mundo Maya Poster features local girl

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