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When the mind is strong and the heart is willing, everything or anything is possible. A true example of dedication and devotion here in San Pedro is that of a group of admirable people who have united to become a family. This family has delighted and enhanced many celebrations in San Pedro, especially religious ones. Our Community is honored to feature this week the San Pedro Choir.

Trying to trace back the origin of this group is somewhat difficult, but sources reveal that Mrs. Vilma Arceo (deceased) was the person to start the group. Mrs. Arceo, who was a fine singer, would always take Mrs. Martita Leslie along with her and thus the commencement of what would become the San Pedro Choir. It was at a graduation ceremony held on June 15th, 1985, that the choir made its debut. The choir was accompanied by Mr. Wil Nuñez on the organ and Mr. Emilio Rivero Jr. with the guitar. The choir was welcomed with open arms by the community and their services sought for almost every occasion in San Pedro.

As time went by, the request for the group had grown immensely. Mr. Wil Nuñez was very busy these days, creating his own musical career and this forced him to step away from the choir. It was then Mr. Lucio Guerrero approached his sons Ramon and Severo Guerrero, who both had a keen interest in music, to join the choir. The Guerrero brothers accepted, and once again the choir was back on its feet. The group gathered to sing during weekly mass, weddings, graduations, special occasions, mañanitas, Quince Años or any other event that requires their services. For their great talent, they were invited to travel to Benque Viejo del Carmen to perform and have also received a number of monetary compensations, which they donate to the church. Father Murray has also awarded the choir members with their personal hymn book. The choir enjoys their weekly routine and works diligently to make the choir even better.

Members of the San Pedro Choir told the San Pedro Sun: "When we sing, we sing from the heart. We don't know musical notes. What we sing is born from the heart. To us a simple Thank You is a good reward. We feel like a family and ask God to give us health so we can continue singing." The choir welcomes anyone wishing to join them. To give you a brief insight of who the choir members are, allow us to introduce:

Mrs. Martita Leslie: Mrs. Leslie is a mother of five boys. She was one of San Pedro's most beloved teachers who taught for 19 consecutive years. She specifically enjoyed working with infant classes. Mrs. Leslie is involved in community functions, especially religious ones. She is a "friend" of the San Pedro Lions Club and presently works at WASA. She also holds the respected title of Justice of the Peace and is a Commissioner of the Supreme Court. Mrs. Leslie is a loved and respected person in San Pedro.

Mr. Lucio Guerrero: Mr. Guerrero is an integral part of San Pedro and has grown with it. He is the father of six children; two boys and four girls. He has worked in many forms of the fishing industry including lobster fishing and skin diving. He is a skilled musician and an excellent author of many songs, poems and island stories. He is also a lay minister of the Catholic Church, a good friend and proud member of our community.

Mrs. Leonor Trejo: Mrs. Trejo is also one of San Pedro's best. She is the mother of four children; three girls and one boy. She was a devoted school teacher for ten years. Mrs. Trejo is very involved in religious activities like novenas, processions, rosaries, etc. She is a "friend" of the San Pedro Lions Club and serves as a Justice of the Peace.

Mr. Severo Guerrero: Mr. Guerrero is a very active gentleman in our community. He is the father of two children; one boy and one girl. Severo is an able tour guide renown for his great skills and charisma. He is the incoming President of the San Pedro Lions Club and serves as a Justice of the Peace. He is a talented musician and an overall great friend.

Mrs. Marcie Nuñez: The first thing that comes to mind when one speaks about Mrs. Marcie is her friendly disposition. Mrs. Nuñez is a mother of six children; four girls and two boys. She is a devoted housewife who also participates actively in religious town functions. Mrs. Nuñez is also a Justice of the Peace.

Mr. Ramon Guerrero: Ramon, like the rest of his family inherited the excellent musical talent he possesses. He is the father of an only female child and has been an active member of the San Pedro Lions Club. He is an outgoing personality in San Pedro. He is a talented tour guide and fisherman.

Mrs. Leni Alamilla: Mrs. Leni makes up the seventh member of the San Pedro Choir. She is the mother of three girls. She has been a very active auxiliary member of the San Pedro Lions Club. Mrs. Alamilla has participated in many religious and town functions.

The above mentioned make up the San Pedro Choir. A group that the whole community is proud of. These seven personalities are all unique in their own way and have learned to share their talents with the rest of San Pedro. Our Community salutes the members of the San Pedro Choir and applause their musical talent.

Our Community - The San Pedro Choir - "In tune with Our Community"

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