Our Community - Tere Guerrero - Keeping the lines of communication open

Mrs. Tere Guerrero

Communication today is a number one necessity that directly affects the development of our island. San Pedro is not far behind the rest of the world with regards to modern technology that has greatly helped the communications system. A person in San Pedro that has also grown with the communications business is Mrs. Tere Alamilla Guerrero of Belize Telecommunications Limited (BTL).

Tere Alamilla was born in San Pedro on March 12th, 1963 to Teresita and Juan Alamilla. Along with her two sisters and four brothers she attended San Pedro Roman Catholic School. She continued her schooling at St. Catherine's Academy in Belize City graduating 1981. When Tere returned to San Pedro, she was faced with the horrible fact that office jobs were not readily available, so she engaged in part-time jobs for approximately one and a half years. As luck would have it, she was accepted to work at the San Pedro branch of BTL. She was their only office employee but left after only one year.

On July 9th, 1983, Tere married Efrain Guerrero Jr. Their marriage has produced three children: Efrain Guerrero III, Shamir and Angelina. Newlywed Tere became a housewife for a period of one year, but realized the year she had worked proved to be exactly what she wanted. She returned to work for BTL and the rest is history. She has been working with BTL for fourteen years now and she has seen many changes. She started working alone in the office and gradually was provided with one clerical assistant and then a cashier. Mrs. Guerrero's title was Officer in Charge. Today, Mrs. Guerrero is the Senior Administrative Assistant who is responsible for all office and administrative issues. The staff now consists of four employees, including a customer care representative. They work in a recently renovated and more spacious building. Tere takes her job very seriously and believes it is a big responsibility she carries on her shoulders. She commented, "I love my job, especially dealing with customers. I like it when clients leave the office and they are satisfied. Unfortunately sometimes it is not within my reach to be able to satisfy them but I do my best." She continued by saying that San Pedro is rapidly developing and that they look forward to satisfying customers. "We do all we can to achieve this," she said.

Mrs. Guerrero has devoted much of her time to her job but frequently has time to be involved in organizations. The good thing is that even though she lives a busy schedule, she supports town's organizations 100%. Tere commented jokingly, "I would love to be more involved in community functions, but I am also married to BTL." During her days off, on Saturday and Sunday, she is solely dedicated to her family. She sees herself working for BTL until retiring, at age of fifty-five. Meanwhile, together with her husband, they have built an apartment complex with three fully furnished apartments for rent. She feels that after retiring she needs a business of her own, thus the building of the apartments.

Tere Guerrero has helped many clients with problems and questions regarding our communication system in Belize. She does this well and with much joy. She sees her customers as number one and makes you feel that way. Her fourteen years of experience has helped us all. Our Community thanks Tere for helping us "Keep in Touch."

Our Community - Tere Guerrero - Keeping the lines of communication open

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