Belize Mayors meet in San Pedro

Mayors meet in San Pedro at the Town Hall

A mayor's meeting was held at the San Pedro Town Hall on Friday, August 27th. Present during the meeting were President of the Mayor's Association Mr. Reynaldo Burgos, Mayor of Orange Walk; Mayor of San Pedro Town, Mr. Alberto Nuñez and Deputy Mayor, Eiden Salazar Jr.; Mayor of San Ignacio Town, Mr. Osmond Berry and Deputy Mayor, Mr. Alberto Bradley; Mayor of Benque Viejo del Carmen, Mr. Manuel Mendez and Deputy Mayor, Mr. Carlos Cocom; Deputy Mayor of Punta Gorda, Mr. Luke Palacio and Mayor of Belize City, Mr. David Fonseca.

The meeting commenced with a prayer by Mr. Bradley followed by the welcome address by the Mayor of San Pedro Town, Mr. Alberto Nuñez. First on the agenda was the introduction of Mr. Karim Berger of Got-Em Signs. He presented his business and products that consist of namely street, and public signs. He explained about the various signs available and their warranties. He emphasized the three year warranty against heat and salt. It was suggested to sell the signs to companies as a mean of advertising.

Guest speaker at the meeting was Mr. Leonides Cuellar. Mr. Cuellar gave a brief introduction of himself and then spoke about various topics. He spoke of the importance of Social Security, Town Property Tax and revenue collection from traffic, lands, garbage, market, cemetery and others. After a light lunch the meeting resumed and Mr. Carlos Santos spoke about the September Celebrations and all aspects of it including, budgeting, providing accountability of expenses and programme reporting. It was suggested by the Mayor of Belize City, Mr. Fonseca, to leave the national celebrations to committee members and not to politicians. Mr. Santos is also the head of the Food Distribution Committee. He emphasized that his main responsibility is to move and store food when a hurricane threat arises. It was suggested that each municipality gets an adequate storage space and sub-committees to handle this important task. Mr. Santos also reported that Samorano School in Honduras is planning to bring approximately 1000 students to Belize City for their annual convention next year. They are hoping to do this at the same time as the annual International Costa Maya Festival in San Pedro, for an opportunity to visit the island and enjoy the festival.

Brief discussions were held with regards to summer programs, new bicycle laws, Caye Caulker's own Liquor and Trade License committee and the new Gaming Laws. More discussion of the above will be done in the next Mayor's meeting that will be held September 23rd, 1999, in Punta Gorda. Deputy Mayor of San Pedro Town, Mr. Eiden Salazar Jr., officially closed the meeting with a vote of thanks.

Belize Mayors meet in San Pedro

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