Four contestants vie for the title of Miss San Pedro

Delia Alamilla

Flavia Tzul

Kainie Manuel

Miriam Graniel

The highly anticipated Miss San Pedro Pageant is only days away. On September 19th, a new representative will be chosen to be Miss San Pedro. This prestigious title has been carried out with much grace and intelligence. It was very obvious in the recent Costa Maya Festival when a past Miss San Pedro, Vanya Vasquez, represented our country, Belize for the Reina de la Costa Maya Pageant. Miss San Pedro is all about beauty, grace, charm and intelligence. All these characteristics have been displayed by past Miss San Pedros and it is obvious in the four participants vying for this year's title.

    Mrs. Ira Acosta, pageant organizer, along with her hard working committee have been preparing for this special event. The contestant's first outing will be on a trip to Merida, Mexico accompanied by committee organizers and reigning Miss San Pedro, Norma Flota. While in Merida, the girls will take the opportunity to buy their pageant attire.

    During the evening of the show, the girls will be judged on a number of categories that include: cultural presentation, swimsuit, evening wear and interview. Entertainment during intervals at the pageant will be provided by San Pedro Dance Company and Barbara's Dance Group. More detailed information on the pageant will be disclosed in the next issue of the San Pedro Sun.

    The San Pedro Sun met personally with the Miss San Pedro contestants to find out a little bit more information about them. The 1999 participants are:

    Miriam Graniel: Miriam is 19 years old and a second-year business student at St. John's College, Junior College. After her schooling, she aspires to become an accountant or business manager. Miriam says that the reason she decided to participate is that she is proud of being a Sanpedrana and that it would be an honor for her to be able to represent her island. She hopes to build up her self esteem and gain more experience in public speaking through this pageant. If she were to win the title of Miss San Pedro, Miriam says she would promote sports on the island. She strongly believes in healthy activities for the children and teenagers. Miriam also recommends that young girls should participate in pageants and other community activities since this gives them more confidence and exposure. She ended by saying, "I will do my best during the pageant. I want people to feel proud of me, and I want to feel proud of myself. I know that I can do this during the pageant."

    Flavia Tzul: Flavia is seventeen years old, originally from Orange Walk and now a senior at San Pedro High School. She hopes to pursue her education and eventually become a business manager. She enjoys pen pal writing, music and singing. Flavia says that her friends and sister encouraged her to enter the pageant. She feels honored to have been asked to be part of the contest. She says that the pageant will make her learn more about the other contestants and will also give her more confidence.

    Kainie Manuel: Kainie is eighteen years old and a graduate of San Pedro High School. She is presently a sales representative at Blue Hole Dive Center. Kainie is a very outgoing young lady who enjoys scuba diving and sports. Kainie was encouraged by her mom to enter the pageant. She hopes to gain more experience and learn a little more about the rest of the contestants. If she would win, Kainie says she would use her title to promote San Pedro as a tourist destination and the reef's fragile ecosystem.

    Delia Alamilla: Delia is eighteen years old, and presently completing her last semester as a business student at St. John's College, Junior College. She hopes to continue her education, majoring in computer studies and eventually get a job involving computers and/or accounting. Delia enjoys dancing, swimming, reading and overall socializing. She feels that this pageant will help her learn more about the participants. If she would win the title she would foremost promote the island and what it has to offer. Delia ended by saying, "I am very excited and happy to have entered this pageant. We hope to put on a good show for all that attend.

    Good Luck to all from the San Pedro Sun

Four contestants vie for the title of Miss San Pedro

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