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The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 9, No. 40            October 21, 1999

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Dimas Guerrero

When we speak about art, creativity and a keen sense of imagination in San Pedro, this week's personality comes to mind, Mr. Dimas Guerrero.

    Dimas, another talented Sanpedrano, was born to Mrs. Olivia and Dimas Guerrero in the year 1950. Like the rest of the youngsters of that time, he only attended primary school. At the age of twelve he went to explore the wonders of the sea, which at the time was the livelihood of every local. Unfortunately, the salt water affected his vision and after ten years, he was forced to stop fishing. It was before he ended this part of his life, that Dimas discovered one of the most beautiful treasures of the sea - Black Coral. He found this piece of coral very interesting, not knowing its real value. He was a young man that always found pleasure from carving pieces of bark or other materials, so he did the same with his new discovery. He carved six figurines in the shape of sharks out of this new found material. To his amazement, the end result was beautiful. He attached one of them to his chain, and soon a tourist saw it and inquired about this unique piece. Having a good eye for business, Dimas sold the pendant. He was then asked to produce more. He realized that this new material must be of high value and researched it, discovering that it was rare and valuable. Dimas' next move was to take scuba lessons in order to be able to gather his working material. He would go to sea three times a year to collect enough Black Coral to last him the whole year.
   Shortly after the birth of Black Coral jewelry and because of the high demand for it, Dimas realized that eventually this rare coral would be protected. Planning ahead, he decided to buy a full set of jewelry equipment, so he would have something to fall back on. He worked with Black Coral for fifteen years eventually combining it with silver and gold. His delicate and unique work attracted many customers.

    Dimas married Gloria Staines in 1975 and together they have two children, Elvie (21) who is an aspiring artist presently studying graphic design and D.J. (13). Together Dimas and Gloria have combined their talents and expertise to make D & G's Jewelry the number one custom jewelry store on the island. They have come up with personalized pieces of jewelry for many satisfied customers. D& G's also offers a Lost Wax process and valuation of precious stones.

    His creativity is not only limited to jewelry; he is also a talented painter, decorator and a master-mind when it comes to creating costumes. He has been participating in Halloween competitions since he was fourteen and has won prizes ever since. He has also been very active throughout his youth and to the present. His lifetime dream was to be a boxer but due to limited opportunities he was denied this chance. He grew up playing baseball until this sport slowly disappeared. When this occurred, he partnered with two other active community members to start the first football club in San Pedro. Dimas played for ten years and then trained the newcomers for another seven years. He was also an avid Karate trainee but again had to stop training because of a lack of trainers. He was a member of the San Pedro Lions Club and is a volunteer special constable.

     Dimas hopes to someday have a complete, state of the art jewelry shop where he can display his creative pieces. He commented, "I am willing to share my talent with anyone wishing to learn, as long as they are serious." Dimas is a true example of the great talent that our Isla Bonita has to offer. San Pedro is proud of this great artisan whose products are known nationally and internationally, making him an invaluable part of Our Community.

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