Happy 15th Birthday San Pedro

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 9, No. 45            November 25, 1999

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Fifteen years ago a significant public signing and ceremony was held on November 27th at Central Park. This marked the day when San Pedro Village was promoted to town status by Central Government. This happened after tireless attempts and lobbying with Central Government by the village council. After the birth and the continued growth of tourism on the island, San Pedranos knew that this industry was attracting more earnings to the country with only little in return to San Pedro. Being promoted to a town would mean that the island would have more say in the running of their affairs and it would mean more local taxes would stay in San Pedro. These were some of the examples that the Village Council set on the table to the Government. Their efforts paid off and San Pedro was given its long overdue promotion. On November 27th, 1984, the San Pedro Village Council Chairman, Mr. Gilberto Gomez was joined by the rest of the village council to sign this declaration.

    Today we enjoy the privileges of living in a town - specifically San Pedro Town, which has grown to become Belize's tourism capital. Since that historic day, and along with the first Mayor of San Pedro Town, Mr. Gilberto Gomez, we continue to fight for the betterment of our town. San Pedro has been led by other great leaders such as Mr. Pedro Salazar Sr., Mr. Baldemar Graniel, Mr. Manuel Heredia Jr., and Mr. Alberto Nuñez in their capacity as Mayors. They are assisted by the town councilors and most importantly are given the support of the residents of this town. As we get ready to celebrate this 15th anniversary, let us take time to thank the hardworking village council members who worked for the promotion of San Pedro Town; let us thank our mayors, councilors and all residents of San Pedro Town.

    Once again the people of San Pedro  Town and visitors alike are invited to join in the celebrations of this commemorative day. The San Pedro Town Board will be holding an all-day four-team volleyball tournament commencing at 11:30 a.m. Already confirmed are two teams from San Pedro, one from Caye Caulker and one from Corozal. The winning team will be awarded with trophies during the evening program. Lots to eat and drink will be on sale during the tournament. The official lighting of the Christmas and Millennium celebrations lights will also take place in the evening followed by entertainment from dance groups and skit presentations. Fireworks will also light up the sky in celebration of our 15th year as a town.

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