LIFE and ABC Pre-school take over care of local parks

The Island Newspaper, Ambergris Caye, Belize            Vol. 9, No. 47            December 9, 1999

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LIFE students at Boca del Rio Park
ABC Pre-school students at Esmeralda Park

During a brief ceremony held last week Area Representative Patty Arceo and Mayor Alberto Nuñez handed over responsibilities for the first two parks to two local schools. This was done as promised some months ago by the Hon. Patty Arceo to improve, renovate and construct parks for the enjoyment of all visitors, locals and children.

    Esmeralda Park was the first park handed over to the ABC Pre-School. Principal Wil Alamilla, two teachers and fifty students were on hand to accept this responsibility. The Area Representative welcomed the children and spoke to them about the special park project that is being done. She emphasized that it was THEIR park and they should take good care of it. Mayor Alberto Nuñez told them the park would be under their care and it was up to them to set the example by keeping Esmeralda Park attractive. Principal Alamilla told the San Pedro Sun, "I was very happy to hear about this project. Assigning a park to the various schools seems to be a perfect idea since this way the children develop a strong sense of responsibility and they themselves look forward to setting a good example. When we heard about this project, we were enthusiastic about the idea and immediately started making plans for the improvement of the park. We will visit Esmeralda Park on a weekly basis and use this place for story telling and at the same time water the plants and clean the surroundings." Following the ceremony the children planted several pine trees and posted signs they had done to protect the plants. In addition three palapas have been added and in the near future picnic tables and children's games will be provided.

    Boca del Rio Park was the second park handed over and it went to Lydia's Institute of Fine Education (LIFE). Once a very attractive site, Boca del Rio Park suffered great damage during the threat of Hurricane Mitch. Little by little this park has been restored and with the children's help may again become a beautiful spot. The official handing over of the park commenced with the singing of the National Anthem by the Standards III and IV students of LIFE. Again the Hon. Patty Arceo mentioned the importance of this project and the vital role each of them must play to make the park attractive. Mayor Alberto Nuñez reiterated that statement and told the children that any ideas to improve the park should be passed to their teachers and then to the San Pedro Town Board. The Town Board would then adopt the project and make it a reality. He ended by saying that he hopes to see the park growing along with the children. Principal Lydia Guerrero accepted the responsibility on behalf of the entire school and promised to work closely with the Town Board on the project. The children then planted a number of coconut palm and pine trees around the area. After the proposed completion of the park, it will sport a concrete basketball court, palapas, children's games, barbecue pits and much more.  

    Six more parks will be assigned to the different schools of San Pedro. These will include Marco Gonzalez Park, Mar de Tumbo Park, Central Park, Paradise Park, Mangrove Park and San Pedrito Park. This project plays an important role in the beautification of our island. The general public is asked for their cooperation in respecting these areas that belong to all of us.
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