Ian Ritchie wins San Pedro Sun Valentine's Day Poetry Contest

Ian Ritchie wins San Pedro Sun Valentine's Day Poetry Contest

Humor was the winning category in the Eighth Annual Valentine's Poetry Contest held Sunday, February 14, 1999. This year had the best turnout of poems ever. Master of Ceremonies, Dennis Wolfe commented, "The quality of poems was better than I can ever remember." And it showed. Judges for the contest were Mr. Johnny Greif III, Ms. Shelley Huber, Mr. Freddy Gonzalez, Ms. Gaby Pinto, and "Wing Ding Wilma" of Connecticut, a long time subscriber of the San Pedro Sun.

Several local lyricists were on hand to read their own compositions. Grand Prize winner was Ian Ritchie with "Thank you Johnny"; he won dinner for two at Mata Chica Resort complete with transportation, welcome drink, appetizer, and dessert as well as a roundtrip ticket from Tropic Air (anywhere they fly). Eddie Powell took first place honors in the foreign category with his entry "The poetry prize" winning a six month subscription to the San Pedro Sun. First place in each category and their respective prizes: Humor - Eiden Salazar, Jr. - "My first time" - Ramon's Gift Shop gift certificate; Original - Bradley Haylock - "Birth of Belize" - Sea Gal Boutique gift certificate; Romantic - Deona Armstrong - "Love is the greatest gift" - One night stay at SunBreeze Hotel; Tearjerker - Karim Segura - "Lost Love" - Dinner for two at Capricorn. Winners and prizes given for total points scored were: Anne Plowman - "Val and Tine" - Roundtrip to Municipal from Maya Island Air; Ernesto Ferrefino Jr. - "For your Valentine" - 4 hour golf cart rental from Bushmaster Rentals; Carlos Segura - "When I look into your eyes" - Dinner for two at Lily's Treasure Chest Restaurant; E. Guerrero - "You caught my eye" - Acupuncture and Massage Center gift certificate; Amos Mark - "It aches for real" - Dinner for two at Ramon's Restaurant; Carlos Segura - "As it is" - Dinner for two

The distinguished panel of judges; Gaby Pinto, Freddy Gonzales, Wilma Marsh Johnny Grief III and Shelly Huber
at La Margarita; Michael Cain - "Be my valentine" - Lunch for two at Micky's Restaurant; Vicki Evans - "Dancing in the elixir of life" - Lunch for two at Elvi's Kitchen Restaurant; Angie Guerrero - "True love" - Lunch for two at Celi's Restaurant; Melbourne Alvarez - "Having to explain" - Dinner for two at Rasta Pasta Pizza Amor Restaurant; Lindsey Garbutt - "Where was Dad?" - Lunch for two at Little Italy; Darlene Phillips - "Greet each day" - BBQ for two at BC's; Bradley Haylock - "Belizean Odyssey" - Bar tab at Purple Parrot Bar; Stephanie Staine - "Love you more" - Disposable camera from Belicolor; Melbourne Alvarez - "It's not over" - Bar tab at Playador Hotel; Walker Marchal - "To meet without sorrow" - Breakfast or Lunch for two at Cannibal Cafe; Christopher C. Cus - "Love at first sight" - Large pepperoni pizza at Barrier Reef. Those prize winners who were not present need to contact the San Pedro Sun at 026-2070 to collect them.

The San Pedro Sun would like to thank all the generous sponsors, talented participants, wise judges, the Master of Ceremonies and the Holiday Hotel for making the Eighth Annual Valentine's Day Poetry Contest a huge success.

Grand Prize
Thank You Johnny
by Ian Ritchie

He built his office nice and high
For those of us that like to spy
I stand amid the mud and slime
Awaiting the allotted time
The lunchtime exit when the group
Of office lovelies downstairs troop
Those neat tight skirts are riding high
To show the shape of lovely thigh
In answer to an old man's prayers
The "Tropic Girls"
come down the stairs.

1st Place - Original
The Birth of Belize
by Bradley Haylock

I am your protection
from the surf in the sea,
Anchor chains and flipper
fins fracture me
I'm alive; I'm alive,
stay out of my hair.
I must survive; just survive;
hear me up there.

I give shelter to millions
of living things.
Earth's natural wonder
and all it brings.
Your pollution guarantees
the death of me
I am your protection
from the surf in the sea.

The filth and slime you pour
is blasphemy.
The cayes and shores
will disappear after me
Your coastal cities you will never save
Without my protection
from a tidal wave.

Can you stop this careless defiling,
There must be hope for reconciling.
To creatures great and small,
I am a home.
You will soon have a salt water catacomb.

For every anchor chain
and fishing lure
vengeance of the sea
will be swift and sure
A retched have not nation you will be.
Without my protection
from surf and sea.

1st Place - Romantic
Love is the greatest gift
by Deona Armstrong

Love is the greatest gift in this world,
It's a universal language
instinctive to every boy and girl;
It was given to creation
by God up above,
Anyone can give love,
Anyone can be loved;
Love lives in the heart,
in the soul and the mind;
It doesn't discriminate,
so they say "Love is blind!"
The greatest love is to love oneself
Let it grow in abundance and
share with someone else;
If you feel in your heart,
true love you can't find,
Don't ever give up, everyday has a
place and a time;
True love can not be easily found
if you rush;
It is totally different
from having a crush;
Try to live your life
loving every minute,
Take a chance at love,
you just might win it;
When you find your true love
you'll most certainly know,
You'll have so much in common,
it will make true love grow,
A hug and a kiss,
a massaging caress,
The excitement of being in love
makes you bring out your best;
Talking for hours,
romantic walks to the park,
Making passionate love
in the heat of the dark,
As the days turn to months, and
the months turn to years,
Your love life at times
will need some repairs;
Love taken for granted
can wither and die,
Be careful someone steals that
slice of your pie;
Repair all the damage,
forgive and forget,
Move on with your love life
let go of regrets;
No one ever died of a broken heart
Anyone can find love and
have a brand new start;
Preserve every moment
of love that you share,
Do those special things everyday
that show how much you care;
Maybe true love will last
till you are both old;
One never can tell, for the
future is untold;
Love is the most precious experience found on life's golden highway;
Love is the greatest gift;
Happy Valentine's Day.

1st Place - Tearjerker Lost Love by Karim Segura

The love I had just yesterday
has left me in grief -
and for death I pray
Life was a misery for me and she
Until we united on an island by the sea

We made love time after time
Arms entwined in love divine
But upon one morning
there came a sign
that told me this girl
would never be mine

Our love was great, but yet so brief
Now here I am alone in grief
My heart is crying out in pain
My lips cry out her name in vain

So now I'll join the deep blue sea
hoping some day she'll
come there to me
And I know, that it was love
behind all this
So I say goodbye with one last kiss.

1st Place - Humor My First Time by Eiden Salazar Jr.

The sky was dark, the moon was high
all alone just her and I.
Her hair so soft, her eyes so blue
I knew just what I had to do.
Her skin so soft, her legs so fine
I ran my fingers down her spine.
I didn't know how but I tried my best
I started by placing my hand
on her breast.
I remember my fear,
my fast beating heart
but slowly she spread her legs apart.
And when I did, I felt no shame
all at once the white stuff came.
At last it's finished, it's all over now
My first time ever at milking a cow.

1st Place - Foreign
The Poetry Prize
by Eddie Betta No Litta

It was only last year
that I won a nice prize
For a poem of love for my sweet.
With sincere admiration
I wrote of her eyes,
Her nose and her delicate feet.

Of loving her faithfully
all of these years
There's never been question or doubt.
I'd have an occasional rum
and some beers,
And she'd always be a good scout.

But the prize that I won
was a tab at the bar
Worth 25 dollars, no less.
"Drinks are on me,"
cried the fool that I are,
And it cost me a hundred U.S.

Ian Ritchie wins San Pedro Sun Valentine's Day Poetry Contest

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