Airstrip extension now in use: first phase is completed

The first phase of San Pedro's long awaited airstrip extension is complete and already in use. According to Johnny Grief, chief pilot for Tropic Air, the runway extension is 60 feet wide by 2050 feet long. A temporary dirt strip has been made on the west side of the old airstrip, allowing planes to taxi to the new area for takeoff or return to the airline terminals after landing on the new section of airstrip.

The next phase will begin immediately and consists of resurfacing and widening the old runway. This part of the project will include at least one water drainage culvert combined with large conduits for future use. The conduits, like the ones on the new section, will allow for the future passage of power and water lines without tearing up the runway.

The total runway length after the final phase of construction will be 3500 feet with 500 feet of overrun at the end. There will also be a 500 foot commercial section on the north end that will be reserved for passenger processing. As part of the airstrip renovation project provisions have been made for the installations of lights on the runway in case of emergency landings. Several near misses in the last few years have shown the necessity for a lighting system.

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