Awards For Excellence

Best Street Cleaner - Jamito Paz

by Angel Nuñez

San Pedro High hosted the first ever "Awards for Excellence Ceremony" on Friday, September 12, at Central Park. This was in connection with the September Celebrations. Town Board Councillor, Mr. Eiden Salazar, who is Commissioner for Culture, invited SPH to host a "High School Night"= and Principal Nuñez came up with the idea for the awards. Thirty awards were given as per by popular vote of the cheering audience. The categories ranged from Best Organization, to Best Store, to Best Street Worker, to Best Taxi Service, etc.

The idea of the program is to give public recognition for excellent service, to challenge and incite more competition and quality service and to motivate businesses, organizations and individuals for continued or improved service to the community in the future.

If this program was well received, SPH hopes to make it an annual event. The awards were signed by the High School and by the Office of the Mayor. Trophies could be given as recognition in the future. Also there need not be competition. For example, in the case where there is only one entity or business like the San Pedro Sun, an award may be given without other nominations. Comments are welcome through the newspaper.

All in all, a crowd of some four hundred enjoyed two hours of music, dancing and cheering for the nominees (90 in total) of the various organizations that qualified for the AWARDS FOR EXCELLENCE. To have been nominated was an honour. To have won was a distinct honour.

San Pedro High Presents Awards of Excellence

Central Park was buzzing with activity last Friday night, September 12, when San Pedro High presented their first ever "Awards of Excellence". (See SPH column above for more details about the awards). The presentation began with entertainment by the San Pedro High New Combination Band and a presentation by Beatrice Usher on the importance of our National holidays. Master and Mistress of Ceremonies, Principal Angel Nuñez and Miss Willema Alamilla shared the microphone and introduced the nominees for the thirty categories to honoured. The winners were decided by audience applause. Each winner was awarded a beautiful certificate. The nominees and winners follow. The winner in each category is marked with an asterisk *:

1. Best Service Organization
2. Best Bar-B-Que
3. Best Restaurant
Mickey's Place
*Reef Restaurant
4. Best Airline
Tropic Air
Maya Airways
*Island Air
5. Best Primary School Teacher
Moncho Acosta
*Rosario Guerrero
Lenny Paz Flores
6. Best Band
Pete & Caribbean Shells
*SPH New Combination Band
Wil & Tequila Shells
7. Best Vocalist Male
Hector Tut
*Barrington Castillo
Oscar Aguilar
8. Best Store
9. Best Entertainment
*Big Daddy's
10. Best Pre-School
Little Angels
*San Pedro Pre-School
11. Best Solo Entertainer
*Tim Budd
Dennis Wolfe
12. Best Town Board Councillor
Eiden Salazar
*Mayor Alberto Nuñez
Mandy Castillo
13. Best Hotel
*Hotel San Pedrano
14. Best Sponsor
Ramon's Village
Graniel's Construction
*Island Air
15. Best Street Worker
Mr. Zapata
Mr. Carmen Jiminez
*Jaimito Paz
16. Best Taxi Service
Airstrip Association
17.Best Tour Guides
*Amigos del Mar
18. Most Active Woman
*Florita Ancona
Lenore Trejo
Melanie Paz
19. Most Active Man
Abel Guerrero Sr.
Einer Gomez
*Omar Guerrero
20. MVP - Most Valuable Player SPH Band
Nigel Figueroa
*Charles Worthington
21. Best Construction Company
*Omar Guerrero
22. Best Chef
*Romy Kie
Ruben Guerra
Astorlia Alamilla
23. Best Bartender
*Chico - Holiday Hotel
Victor/Dreddie - Cholo's
24. Best Waiter
Trevor Del Valle
Oscar Gutierrez
*Miss Pinelo - El Patio
25. Best Passenger Boat
Island Express
26. Best "Spot" Bar
El Rey de Todos
*Serrano's Cool Spot
27. Best Festival
Dia de San Pedro
Sea & Air Festival
28. Best Secretary
*Melisa Graniel
Edmundo Castillo
Salida Arana
29. Best Karaoke Singer
Hector Lopez
*Debbie Spain
30. Best Master of Ceremonies
*Willie Alamilla
Kanie Manuel
Eiden Salazar Jr.

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