San Pedro in International Baseball

Playing baseball in X'Calak
By Angel Nunez, J.P.

All the fun and excitement and the friendship of baseball of yester years is being relived once again by a group of sports enthusiasts who won't let the sport of baseball die. In the past ten years only the high school has been engaged in softball, but this force has been enough to keep the spirit of baseball alive.

Today old graduates of the high school and some of the old timers like Armando Graniel and Erlindo Graniel and Jose Gonzalez are back on the field to enjoy, BASEBALL. A few weeks ago, X'Calak, Mexico was in San Pedro to give the host team a resounding beating of a score we have never forgotten. But on December 29, 1996, the San Pedro Boys were in X'Calak, Mexico for the revenge and sweet revenge it was. This time San Pedro beat the host club 6 to 2 and then the soccer boys tied one to one.

But in the sport of baseball "with X'Calak" it is not who wins the game it is who can be the better host. And what great hospitality we received in X'Calak! Now San Pedro is gearing up for game three and to give those Mexicans a homely and warm reception. They are coming to San Pedro in 3 weeks or so and you are all invited to enjoy this old time baseball tradition. Soon it will be time to "Play Ball".

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