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According to the police report, Jaime Manzano Jr. of San Pedro sustained a wound to the head after falling off the bow of a moving boat in front of San Pedro Town on the 26th of January.

Ian Pou along with ten of his young friends went for a boat ride during which Manzano climbed on to the bow of the boat and accidentally fell into the water. As a result he sustained a cut to his head which was caused by the engine propeller.

Manzano was taken out of the water by Pou, who then administered CPR with the help of Tracey Eiley. Manzano started to breathe again and Pou drove the boat back to San Pedro Town. Manzano was flown to Belize City and was admitted to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital and is said to be in a stable condition.

Jaime Manzano, Sr. wrote a letter to the editor about the incident, with a strong plea to parents to supervise their children in boats and vehicles. He wrote:

"On Sunday, January 26th, 1997, a group of kids were hydrosliding on the San Pedro lagoon. Somehow one fell off the skiff and he injured his face. That kid is my son. I can only thank the good Lord that he didn't lose any part of his body and that he is alive today.

The reason I decided to write this small letter is to ask all parents in San Pedro who own skiffs, or any kind of vehicles, not to let your children use these without parental guidance so we can avoid accidents like this one.

Think about it - next time it could be your child. And I do not wish anyone to feel the pain I have felt.

Jaime Manzano"

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