Gilbert Miralda Wins $1,000 Chicken Drop

Gilbert Miralda and his friend
the winning rooster

The Seventh Annual $1,000 Chicken Drop was held last Wednesday,September 18th. The grand prize was won by local Gilbert Miralda,pictured with his favorite winning rooster.

The Chicken Drop held every Wednesday at the Pier Lounge in San Pedro, normally has $100 for a prize. Participants buy a ticket for $1 as a chance to winn the $100 pot. A fenced in board on the beach is divided into 100 squares. A chicken is then retrieved from its dark storage place and given to a participant to "prepare" before it performs its function. The chicken holder is supposed to whisper encouraging words to the chicken while blowing gently beneath its tail feathers. The chicken is then placed in the fenced in area. Whatever number receives the chicken's "product" is the winner of the pot.

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