San Pedro Dolphins receive new uniforms, cash donation from Dolphin International

Pictured above are, left to right, Santiago Acosta, treasurer of the San Pedro Dolphins, Town Board Councilor and Sports Director Omar Guerrro, Mayor Alberto "Beto" Nunez, and Daniel G. Danker of Dolphin International. Messrs. Acosta and Guerrero are wearing the new jerseys.
On Tuesday, April 1st, Dolphin International presented their cheque for $5,000 BZ representing their continuing support for San Pedro's semi-pro football team, the San Pedro Dolphins.

In addition to the cash, they also presented new uniforms and other equipment for the entire team. The team is currently playing games in a semi-pro knock-out tournament. The addition of two new teams to Belize's semi-pro ranks has necessitated a knock-out tournament to determine which teams will play during the semi-pro season.

Dolphin International is in the final stages of arranging to build an upscale 60 plus million dollar resort to be located at Punta Azul. The resort will be built over a number of years, however an expenditure of over $45 million is anticipated during the first three years.

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