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Dr. Love is the island's and possibly the world's greatest authority on just about everything, though the Doctor seldom addresses matters involving the law or religion. Otherwise, Dr. Love answers questions about love, life, relationships, intra-neighborhood squabbles and various other things that people don't understand. The Doctor is in; having just returned from watching the New York Yankees make their way to the World Series once again. Next week it's off to Vail to check conditions on the slopes before flying to Paris for the winter fashion preview. There had better not be any SPANDEX in this year's show or the Doctor will give it another thumbs down. You may write to the Doctor at P.O. Box 35, San Pedro Town, Belize or fax 026-2905. For all of you electronic cyberspace people with questions - you may E-mail the good Doctor at sanpdrosun@btl.net.

Dear Readers,
Last week the Doctor received a letter from Bruce from Boston. Bruce is bringing a group of 14 to 18 people to the island this year and is searching for the most romantic spot in San Pedro. He has offered to contribute some sort of prize for a winning entry. The Doctor feels that instead of merely naming a place and collecting the prize, it is only fair to give the readers a chance at it. If you have a suggestion, send it to the Doctor. Bruce from Boston will decide the winner.

Dear Dr. Love,
I have some exciting news and some of my ideas. Well, finally the father of my rejected son decided to done the blood test. Well, he is been satisfied positive. That's why I think no one have no right to testify bad about single mothers.
What I think is that now here on the island we should have a family court, because here is a lot of single mothers that can not afford going back and forth to Belize. Like myself, they never have the money and never have the time. But when I lost my pride and went to ask him for help, he used to tell me don't ask me for money. Ask such another guy. I used to answer him, well if you are not sure, make your son a blood test.

Positive Blood Test

Dear Blood Test,
You're right. We could use a family court here in San Pedro to handle family disputes. Now here is something that the Doctor is right about and you should heed it well.
Having a child requires a lot from parents. For the mother, it requires an investment of health, time, effort and money initially, with a lot of money to be spent until the child leaves home. For the father, the investment is mostly time, effort and money. Human beings, unlike dogs, cats and most wild animals need two parents around to share this investment. This is true of any species where the young require a lot of time to mature, such as elephants and eagles.
The Doctor's point is this. Before you have a child, make sure it is with a partner that you believe will stick around and help with your investment in child-rearing. A formal marriage is the human species' way of confirming this kind of commitment. The law recognizes this commitment and grants certain rights to you and your child. If you are not married then do not get pregnant. Neither you nor the child enjoy full of legal protection if you are not married. It is not fair to the child to be raised with only half of the support it should be getting and it is not fair to you either.

Dear Dr. Love,
There seems to be much confusion in your readership and even perhaps on your part about the concept of enlightened self interest. This practice is far from veiled or unveiled manipulation. Enlightened self interest really means the making of choices that are truly in your best interest. In the face of the most irritating incompetence or maddeningly rude behavior, making the choice not to be combative, but rather choosing to demonstrate respect and cooperation is enlightened self interest. The choice is enlightened because even though at times you would be "right" to scream and yell, and it would certainly make you feel better in the moment to do so, in the long run it won't be the effective way to get what you want and need. Wouldn't this world be a better place if we could all adopt this very valuable practice? I hope this clears up the issue.

Citizen for an Enlightened San Pedro

Dear Citizen,
The Doctor believes the world will be a better place when people quit reading self-help books and just learn to speak directly and to the point. No matter how civilized we think we are, deep inside that pre-Cambrian brain there is a caveman or woman lurking who would like nothing better than to bash an adversary over the head with a club to get their way. Let's just try to work with one of the outer layers of the grey matter.

Dear Dr. Love,
I have an aunt and a cousin that are driving me crazy. My aunt finds fault with everything that I do and my cousin (her son who just turned six), acts like he's thirteen. He talks back to his mother and me and she doesn't do anything about it. The only reason why I'm putting up with them is because this is my last year at school. I need your advice. Help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Has had it.

Dear Had It,
The Doctor feels for you, believing that no young person is going to feel good in this kind of situation. Try to talk to your aunt honestly and ask her why she finds so much fault. Perhaps it will make her aware of something she didn't know she was doing.

Dear Doctor Love,
My wife wants me to go to San Pedro at Christmas. I said, let's list the reasons -pro and con-.
My list is:

1) Round trip to Paris $398 prepaid plus hotels. 2) One week in Hawaii $450 prepaid inclusive. 3) No presents to buy for the family because we will be gone; just a postcard. 4) Santa Claus gets to Belize last, after all his good stuff is gone. 5) TACA air fare is $700 prepaid plus Tropic Air and a hotel.
Dr. Love, how do I reply to my wife's one reply, "because we're going"?

California Dreamer

Dear Dreamer,
Having used the approach of logic and common sense, it's time to try a new plan of attack. She is obviously not concerned about the expense, so it's time to try the dirty tactics. Tell her that we have paved the streets here. What do you think? Will it work? Call before you arrive and the Doctor will meet you at Tropic Air.

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