Another Fish Story

Pictured, left to right: Tulo Villaneuva,
Elito Arceo holding Dylan, background, Don Francisco
Arceo. The fish is in the middle.

Elito Arceo and Tulo Villanueva are cousins who fish together. When they were younger, Elito's father, Francisco (Don Fashico) Arceo showed them the places where the big grouper hang out. Don Fashico also told them that at certain times of the year the wind stirred the water in the lagoon making it murky and hard for the fish to breathe. That is the time when they come out of their hiding holes, making them easy prey.

On Thursday, October 30th, Don Fashico's advice paid off. When Tulo and Elito saw the size of the big grouper sitting in the water watching them they couldn't believe their eyes. They had already caught a large grouper that would be the envy of most fishermen, but luck had decided to favor them twice in one day. Their spears bent like hairpins as they wrestled the big "cherna" towards the boat. Catching the fish proved to be the easy part; it still had to be lifted into the boat and it weighed more than Elito and Tulo together.

When the fish was brought to town at the docks behind the football field cries of "cherna" and "one big boy" were heard as a crowd quickly gathered. It took six men to hoist the big fish up for a quick photo session.

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