Dolphins sack Corozal 3 - 0

San Pedro Dolphins F.C. vs. Corozal F.C.
Ricalde Stadium, Corozal Town
September 9, 1997.

Fans gathered at Ricalde Stadium to witness the game between the San Pedro Dolphins and Corozal. It was San Pedro's first official game of the season and Corozal's second game. Corozal lost their first game against Acros four goals to nil.

The game was scheduled for 3:30 p.m. but the referee never arrived and a replacement referee was appointed. Finally the game started at 4:10 p.m. From the start of the game San Pedro Dolphins took control and it was on minute 18 when Hector Gama received a pass and centered the ball perfectly to John Trapp who headed the ball into the net for the first goal. San Pedro continued dominating and on minute 26 Stanley "Rice" Robinson passed the ball to Landy Pinelo who beat a defender and fired a bullet past the goalkeeper for the second goal. On minute 43, John Trapp advanced by himself from midfield, beat the defenders and scored the third goal. The first half ended three goals to nil in favor of the Dolphins.

In the second half Corozal settled themselves and stopped every opportunity of the Dolphins. Corozal also had few opportunities as the Dolphins proved to be the better team, dominating most of the game. The game ended three goals to nil for the Dolphins first victory of the tournament.

All fans are invited to the next tournament match on September 28 at Ambergris Stadium against Juventus. This will be a hot and exciting match as both teams want to prove they are better and San Pedro Dolphins will prove to their fans that they can beat Juventus.

The San Pedro Dolphins Football Club takes this opportunity to thank all its sponsors and fans for their continued support. You are asked to attend our home games to support your team. It is only with your assistance that we will be able to continue providing our island with a competitive team and the 1997/98 championship.

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